Wednesday, November 21, 2012

KL's Best Hokkien Mee - Aik Yuen (Behind Tawakal Hospital) (?)

I am on the search for KL's best hokkien mee. I have a few favourite in my hand, but still decided to ask my friends on which hokkien mee they think is best.

And the one name that came up is the Aik Yuen Hokkien Mee located at Setapak, and with the Tawakal Hospital being the landmark.

The location is not that difficult to find, being just a lil off Bulatan Pahang.

And so there I was. At one of those restaurants that 'conquer' the streets, with its tables and chairs. Personally I prefer this arrangement as its less hot than sitting inside.

I ordered the stir fried pork belly with garlic as starters. It was a unique dish for me, as I've never had such before.

And the other dish I ordered was non other than what I came for - the hokkien mee! I was actually looking forward to it.

It looked good.. but I was a lil disappointed for I like my Hokkien mee dry, which this wasn't.

And the pork lard wasn't that much either, which is not good cos hokkien mee needs this - lots!

Owh and the chilli.. a lil to runny, and thin. Again, not the usual style I like.

But saying all these, it ain't bad. It's actually still ok. The crowd is there to prove it.

But for me, this probably ain't on top of my list. You can still try this if you are a foodie, and rate it for yourself.

*Restoran Aik Yuen aka "the one behind Tawakal Hospital"
Jalan Sarikei
Off Jalan Pahang Barat
53000 Kuala Lumpur


  1. That's really one huge bowl of Hokkien Mee. That's a bowl of huge chilli?

  2. quachee, nice meeting u today! you mentioned about hokkien mee, try this!


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