Monday, July 21, 2008

East Coast Park Hawker Centre

Recently just went to the East Coast Park Singapore. This long stretch of beach is quite well known amongst the locals, especially those staying in the East of Singapore. The long stretch of beach is such a good view, espeically along the ECP expressway.

There are many food outlets & restaurants along the long stretch of beach, from pubs to Korean restaurant, Chinese restaurant, fast food and even a big hawker's centre.

I particularly like this hawker's centre as it has a wide variety of local food & many of which are rather delicious.

It is really a cheap way of eating by the beach, enjoying the sea view & sea breeze. For beach lovers, this just can't get any better!

East Coast Park Singapore hawker's centre
The hawker centre is just beside the beach. These seats & tables have seaview!

And if you look closely, even the tourists are here. Though a lil rare compared to like the more popular Sentosa beach, but I think the East Coast Park is making a name for itself now. I myself, bring my overseas friends here, as to show them another part of Singapore that is less commonly advertised in the tourist brochures.

And compared to many other Singapore hawker centres, this hawker centre is rather unique - as it is covered from the rain/ sun yet it is opened air, allowing one to enjoy the sea breeze & have a feel of 'island life'.

East Coast Park Singapore hawker's centre, seaview
The spacious hawker's centre

Wide Variety Of Food
What is a hawker's centre without its good food right? Well, this East Coast Park hawker's centre serve quite good local food, and a huge variety to choose from. There are so many stalls to choose from.

Sometimes, some of the sellers sell similar food. But, ask around & there are 'the pros'.

Here, a take on some of the food I had:
East Coast Park Singapore hawker's centre, cattlefish rojak
The cattlefish rojak. My first time having a mixture of both.

In fact, this stall sells many different rojak varieties, including tauhu with rojak or century egg with rojak as well.

East Coast Park Singapore hawker's centre, popiah

The popiah was alrite. In fact, would have been better if the popiah skin was homemade with egg, which is a rarity.

East Coast Park Singapore hawker's centre, fried oyster
"Huh, take photo... pay first leh"

Was so eager to capture this that I forgot I've yet to pay for the fried oyster. Anyway, this is supposedly the more famous fried oyster there - according to one of the other sellers.

The fried oyster was slightly above average, with decently big oysters & not too starchy.

East Coast Park Singapore hawker's centre, Singpaore hokkien mee
Uncle cooking the Singapore hokkien mee

The hokkien mee was good! Not too soggy, and very tasty. For tourists, this hokkien mee is unique to Singapore (hokkien mee in Malaysia is different).

East Coast Park Singapore hawker's centre, chicken satay
Chicken satay

For those into halal food, don't miss the satay & also the baked fish (ikan bakar). There are many stalls selling them and they usually call you from afar. And amongst all, they seem to be the cheapest food around (as in comparable to other hawker's centre, while the rest are slightly more expensive).

There are many other dishes and it will take a few more trips to try all the varieties. But that just makes a good reason to go back to this hawker's centre by the beach to savour its local Singaporean hawker's fare. :)

*For foreigners wanting to enjoy Singapore, then head over to this East Coast Park hawker's centre to enjoy what the Singaporeans & locals do especially over the weekend. It gives a good view that Singapore is not all city & concrete jungle.

Coming up: There's more enjoyment than just eating at East Coast Park!


  1. By looking at those pictures really make me mouth watering! I just reached home and now feel so hungry with those foods on your post.

    It's good to know that Singapore has this kind of place. I love beach and yes I love food! What best can beat this place? It is like Padang Kota in Penang :)

    I hope the price is not that expensive hehe.

  2. hi faisal

    glad to see going hungry over the pics hehe :)

    well there are many other good food in sg - the fusion restaurants are good, also like peranakan, indian or chinese or malay food.

    for other hawker centre's there's one at newton that i know of. :)

    price wise, here is slightly more expensive, but still affordable range :) (bout $1 more)

  3. Oh, how I miss the cuttlefish dish! I don't remember the hawker center in East Coast Rd but I remember the Newton.

  4. Drool!!! I love all those hawker specialties!!!...Ref. previous comment, I think East Coast Park is on reclaimed land, far from East Coast Road (Katong). I used to stay there in the early 70s and the sea was close by then. Today, it is very far because of the land reclamation since then. If I'm not mistaken, Newton is still around, but being a tourist attraction, I think there are other better places to go to...

  5. you really know how to make us drool!!

    i'd love to try that cuttlefish rojak! seems yummy!

  6. heya jesie
    the east coast park is not so known for foreigners. but yes, newton is a 'tourist destination' :)

    well said. haha. act, ive only been to newton a few times. there is one place quite popular as well. chomp chomp. have u heard of it? :)

    yes, it tastes as good as it looks!

    nux v
    oh cool. not many foreigners come over to the east coast. guess u must be quite familiar with sg :)

  7. After looking at those pictures really make my mouth watering!
    Now i feeling hungry.
    I want some spicy foods.
    I like beaches and also foods.
    east coast beaches


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