Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Modern KL

Has been a while since I came up to KL. And even then the past few times I've been taking the coach & public transport to get around. However, this trip up, I made an attempt to drive to this capital city of Malaysia. And I'm glad I did, as it is really a different experience.

No Jams
I guess I was lucky as with some time planning I managed to avoid any traffic jams. As most were heading the opposite directions, my journey up from Sungai Besi toll to Bukit Bintang area was a breeze. That is the first thumbs up!

Car Park Experience
As I had some time to spare, I thought I'll wait & check out the newest spanking shopping mall in the heart of the city, Pavillion. But before that, I have to get the car parked. As some of the shopping centre's car park entry gates were closed, I went over to park at a building beside it.

It says only RM3 per entry. That sounded reasonable - or should I say cheap. For I've experienced RM10 per entry (even after past 6) or some other car parks that can go up to above RM10 for a few hours shopping.

The only setback to the carpark is that it is very narrow & it takes a fair bit of cautious driving to park safely at the 6th level (the first few levels are reserved). But I guess for that rather cheap price, one can't complain much.

Modern Mall
And so after parking the car, and crossing the road, I arrived at this all new shopping buzz in Kuala Lumpur, the Pavillion KL. It looks grand from the outside & being new, it exudes its modern charms.

The eateries at the ground level were packed. There were many different restaurants all with the after work crowd. This was quite a stark contrast when I came here months back when it first opened, where at that time it was rather quiet and empty.

I toured round the shopping mall, and I must say it is pretty impressive. Big brand names and even higher-end local brands can be found - which is what I always support.

But as I'm here for business & not leisure, there is not much mood for shopping despite all the grandeur and the sales that is going on. However, I did pop by the Times bookstore which apparently is their showcase bookstore in Malaysia.

Need Internet
As I had some time to spare before the meeting, I was looking for a place where I could just sit back & do some online work. And I had to find a place that my computer can be continuously powered too.

Then I saw it, as just opposite the Times is the 'very faithful' Starbucks. I actually just went in, ordered and powered the computer without even knowing whether there is any free wireless internet. Ya, it's about trying my luck!

Anyway, I was prepared, worse come to worse, I'll just do some offline work. But, surprisingly, there were many wireless connections - provided by a few different outlets in the mall. And the bigger surprise, there is also the Wireless@KL wireless internet connection.

I've read before about KL having plans to go wireless, but I didn't know that it was rolled out so soon (KL-ites may say I'm in a stone age lol). Anyway, that is really a plus! And furthermore, the internet speed was superbly fast - and it's not just comparing to the recent slow internet connection.

Now, This Is KL
What a different viewpoint of KL this is - from fast & free internet connection, modern mall, and decent priced parking. Of course this may not be a full representation of the capital city of Malaysia, but nevertheless this trip has made me see the other part of KL - that makes it moves along with the times & on par with other major cities globally.

Now, this is what one can be proud of... and truly, this has made the other view on KL seem rather irrelevant(?) :)

*Surprisingly, there are 2 Starbucks cafe in the Pavillion - one on ground level, the other just opposite Times bookstore.


  1. I have to say the step of KL having to go wireless has been very beneficial for alot ppl. At least it is for me..:P I can just drop by most of the cafes and have FREE wireless connection!

  2. Yup KL and its environs certainly have nice slanking new shopping malls with nice shopping and internet experience. Certainly on par (and at times even better) with the ones in developed countries.

    The nasi kandar mamak shop near my house in Bandar Sri Damansara is open 24 hours with free wifi! The mosque that I go to at Bangsar every Friday uses Microsoft Power Point when delivering their khutbah (sermons)! Technology is really everywhere in KL and the Klang Valley.

    Since the 40% increase in petrol prices, jams are not as bad as they used to be. So I guess you came at a time when jams are not so common. Hopefully this will last, though.

    However, KL's public transport need a lot of work before it can be deemed world class.

  3. hi simpleu

    thanks for dropping by & commenting. totally agree, the wireless is cool heh :)

  4. hi amirfuad

    wow, thanks for the share on the prayers in the mosque.

    and nasi kandar shop - with wifi - now that is something modern :)

    on kl transport - ya, think it can be improved. but for the road, i had the same thought - and ya, it seems right that the petrol hike has reduced the no of vehicles on the roads in kl. lets hope that the commuters get a good system to commute too :)


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