Tuesday, July 22, 2008

East Coast Park Beach

I mentioned that I went to this playground of Singapore recently - the East Coast Park. But apart from eating at its string of restaurants & eateries, one can do so many other activities, much more than one can imagine especially if you don't know Singapore well enough.

As the East Coast Park is located beside the beach, this park is crowded especially over the weekends (yes, the view on the weekend & on the weekday is very different).

From the quiet weekdays, the weekends are crowded and full of people going about with their many activities. Families, couples, friends - young & old are all out to enjoy the good weather & relax by the beach.

east coast park, singapore, beach, seaview
The beach overlooking with ships

"Why bring me to see ships?"
I was once asked by my foreign friend saying "Why bring me to see ships?". Well, for most (if not all) of Singapore's beaches like this one, you will always see the many ships around it, reminding that this island city is an international port.

Anyway, I think that it is kinda unique in a way - firstly, not many cities in South East Asia has beaches and on top of that to have the many ships as a view!

Of Sand Castles
As we were walking, we noticed a few people building sand castles. Yes, beach & sand castles go together. So it does seem like a normal sight.

east coast park, singapore, beach, sandcastle
A group of people making the sand castle

east coast park, singapore, beach, family building sandcastle
A family get together event

But as we walked further, there were not just a few people building castles, but so many Singaporeans were at this beach spending their time building their castles!

Now I've been to many beaches around the region, and never have I seen so many people building sand castles at one time. And what more, the city folks who we always think have lil time for leisure apart from shopping & maybe eating? (ok, I'm generalising here).

east coast park, singapore, beach, big sand castle
Wow, what an ambitious castle

east coast park, singapore, beach, sand caslte car
The prize display - I guess this is from the company providing the tools for sandcastle making. Can you see the F1 car?

east coast park, singapore, beach, children building sand castle
Young, old, they are all out to build their fantasy dream castles

I know many foreigners who will be amused & surprised that the Singaporeans do have time to enjoy & take time off to relax. Yes, it's not just a fast paced city without leisure.

More Than Sand Castles
Now not all are into sand castle making. The locals are also enjoying their free time doing a host of other activities at this park by the beach/ beach by the park.

east coast park, singapore, beach, camping
You'll be surprised - there are so many tents here. The last time I camped out was like a decade back during the scout times only

east coast park, singapore, bbq
Another common activity here is bbq! There are bbq pits provided speically for those into bbqing! This really is a planned city heh, even up to your leisure & bbq!

Btw, sometimes, there are also large families who come together bringing their big pots & sharing their meals together.

For The Adventurous
And for those more adventurous (or should I say more fit), there are other activities that they engage in.

east coast park, singapore, exercise
Instead of doing your stretch at the gym with a wall or city view, why not get a seaview!

east coast park, singapore, lane for jogging & cycling
Lanes for you to cycle & jog, shaded by the big rain trees. Pedestrians (non exercising), beware of on coming cyclists & joggers!

Can you see, that although this is already a no vehicle park, but yet there is zebra crossings. Singapore really goes to every detail :)

And if one thought there aren't many cyclists around Singapore, well look at this:

east coast park, singapore, beach, bicycle
Just look at the crowd at the bicycle centre where you can rent a bicycle for your ride in the park

I always love to bring my foreigner friends to this part of the island. Many who come here are usually very pleasantly surprised that there is much more to Singapore than its city image of shopping centres & discos or its touristy places.

In fact, its quite a 'happening' place as well huh, judging by the crowd on a Sunday evening...

east coast park, singapore, beach, car park
Car Park FULL!

*STB, if you ever read this, I guess you can list this part of Singapore in your list of places to visit, as like I mentioned, it really is rather Unique!

*Public buses are available, but the best way to get to the East Coast Park beach is by vehicle - it will cost not more than S$20 (usually around $10-15) by cab if you are coming from the city.


  1. WOw! You guys are sand castle pros lar! You guys did a superb great job in sand castle. Take more picture next time if you guys did it again ya!

  2. Hahahaha..yeah, very ambitious sand castle! :D

  3. oh wow! look at those castle!
    the only time i see people do castle that proper.. is only for reality tv shows LOL

  4. I love East Coast Park a lot~!! ^ Been there twice and never get bored of it cos it's indeed a wonderful place - loved its beautiful beach and sea..I enjoyed cycling around and head over to the jetty to watch d beautiful sunset...such an awesome and captivating scenes =)

    Nice intro on East Coast Park btw, made me miss the place now already..shall go there again d next time I go Spore ;)


  5. the beach seen like very clean...

  6. hyperX

    act ive never really done a sand castle before haha. seeing these people do it is good enough for me lol :)

    宝茹 & adila
    ya, can you belief these are city dwellers building sand castle, big & small ones :)

    guess it will be one of yr hang out places once u come over to singapore :)

    just like most public places in sg, i guess they are decently clean :)

  7. It is a very beautiful place.
    east coast beaches
    The East Coast Park (Chinese: 东海岸公园; Malay: Taman Pantai Timur) is a beach park located on the southeastern coast of Singapore. It was opened in the 1970s, when the government completed reclaiming land off the coast at Katong which extends from Changi to Tanjong Rhu.
    Sea Coast off East Coast Park
    Sunrise at East Coast Park, Singapore

    The 1.85 square kilometre East Coast Park is the largest park in Singapore, and is built entirely on reclaimed land with a man-made beach, where swimming is possible. The beach is protected by breakwaters, with no other natural features. The park is easily accessible by East Coast Park Service Road with numerous exits along the East Coast Parkway. The place has ample parking space with many carparks near the park. The park is also accessible via public transport in the form of bus services, available on East Coast Park Service Road. Underpasses link the park to the nearby Marine Parade housing estate.

    The park is a popular place for families and friends to relax and enjoy themselves. The park has barbecue pits, entertainment facilities, chalets, food and beverage, and amenities for sports activities. A cycling and inline skating track runs along the perimeter of the park, which measures at least 20 km long.

  8. Goldkist Beach Resort
    This chalet resort was originally owned by Costa Sands Resort of NTUC Club, but ceased operations on 3 January 2006 when its 30-year lease expired. Island Resort took over the site and started operations from 1 March 2007. It has since renovated most of the chalets and been rebranded Goldkist Beach Resort. It has 195 single and double storey units.
    East Coast Lagoon
    The East Coast Lagoon underwent renovation in 2005 under the Singapore Sports Council's plan to build a whitewater sports stadium at East Coast Park. Singapore's first Cable Ski Park, Ski360°, opened at the refurbished East Coast Lagoon in January 2006.
    East Coast Sea Sports Centre
    The Ministry of Education's Sea Sports Centre conducts activities such as sailing and wind surfing. It is also known as the National Sailing Centre, run by the Singapore Sailing Federation.
    East Coast Lagoon Food Centre
    The East Coast Lagoon Food Centre opened in 1977, and is a popular hawker centre among locals and tourists. In late 2003, the hawker centre was upgraded to give it a newer and fresher look, having new features. The braised duck rice, satay and the Hwa Kee wanton noodles are firm favourites.
    East Coast Seafood Centre
    Main article: East Coast Seafood Centre
    East Coast Seafood Centre
    The East Coast Seafood Centre was opened at the same time as the East Coast Park, with eight restaurants serving seafood. Its initial name was known as UDMC Seafood Centre, which was later changed in 2000 to its current name. Popularized for housing several major local seafood restaurants, the seafood centre serves local favourites such as chilli crab, black pepper crab and mee goreng. In 2005, the Seafood Centre was upgraded to give it a modernised look, and better facilities. Many of the features were revamped, and a number of old tenants vacated for new tenants to take their place.


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