Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Make Your Presence Known Easily

I have mentioned time over time on the power of internet. Well apart from business, even personal users can enjoy the internet for themselves.

Bloggers have been doing this for a while now, sharing ideas through their blogs. And others actually share their videos or photos through the many share sites.

Then there is also the big wave of social networking, from creating online personalities to joining in discussions (to once again share our views).

One Site Does It All
Well, there is one new site which actually combines all these together. Call it like a one stop centre - Thoughts.com!

Users who sign up can create their blogs here. The good thing is that because this is community like, so your blog will be read by other users from the site (as it will appear in their main page). This is good for those who want instant readers without having to really market their blogs.

And sharing your videos/ photos to your blogs are made easier - as you can actually upload them direct - ie no need to go through a 3rd party site.

Another interesting function of this site is its community forum. Interestingly, unlike many other forums which topics are quite limited (even limited to country specific), this site is like a one-catch-all one. Eg. you can share your opinion on books, beauty and fashion, astronomy, politics, religion and even creative writing. Btw, joining forums are good to promote your online presence especially if you are a blogger.

If community type sites are what you like, I would say it would be good to be a member here, and make your presence be known in the virtual world :)


  1. O.. yes. i think I've found what i really looking for.

  2. heya oofooi,

    glad you did :) i think this is worthwhile participating.

  3. hi quachee, thanks for commenting. just to let u know i add u in my blogroll..

  4. There's something for everyone. Thanks for sharing the link, QC.

  5. Hi, i checked out this site - looks good! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Thanks for sharing, gonna create my account and join the crowd.


  7. hi renaclaire

    thanks for the blogroll. did the same back :)

  8. hi happysurfer, raynebow & kenneth

    yes, go ahead & join. i think this forum is still rather new, but has quite a fair bit of members. can be the pioneers hehe :)

    ive joined as well. hehe


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