Saturday, July 19, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 12: Contest For Bloggers

Firstly, to the invited bloggers who signed up to review the 50+1 Malaysia book, thank you :)

Next, an announcement I would like to make.

Finally, we can be like Santa Claus for once.
I've mentioned before on me having some goodies for bloggers with regards to my current project, the 50+1 Malaysia book. Well, finally after quite a few months of work, I can make this announcement to those of you who own a blog.

Yes, to all bloggers/ blog owners, this is for you... and this time round, the good news is coming not from any other Paid Advertiser, but my company :)

The Good News
We are giving away 100 copies of the 50+1 Malaysia books to the lucky bloggers (worth RM51 each).

The work is simple (yes, need some work, but trust me, it's real easy). Simply write about your Love story on Malaysia (ie what you Love about the country) in your blog, and let us know.

Simple right? Well, I hope that you guys will join in the fun, especially with Merdeka month just round the corner! (It's time we show Malaysia, we bloggers care) :)

*Info on the contest at: 50+1 Malaysia: Contest For Bloggers.

*This contest is open to both Malaysian bloggers & international bloggers.

Coming up next, I'll share with you who were the companies that made this whole project (including the contest) possible :)


  1. Quachee,

    u din mention how to play the game wor..

    write liao then post on blog then what?

    email u?


  2. great! i'm joining...hopefully i can come up with something really nice abt m'sia...

  3. Wei... nice blog. Will like to take part but now wondering what to write about my country.

  4. heya teddy

    thanks for asking.

    1. write
    2. post
    3. then submit at the page of contest 4. we will list all post & ping back :)

  5. hi nuxv

    im sure you could - malaysia is home afterall (maybe about yr hometown?) :)

    it can be a funny post if you like as well - eg if malaysia politics if your cup of tea, then ramble ahead (but make sure its positive in a way) haha :)

  6. You are really good. You can guess what I have in mind. I now hate my country because of the politics situation but nay... I am not good in writing politics matter and I think I shouldn't say too much in my blog too. Will reserve it for some other coffee session. hahahaha...
    I am still wondering what to write. Got due date, kah?

  7. Homework done.

  8. Hey Choonie

    Cool post u did. That was fast! Steady-lah! :)

  9. haha i didnt know abt the love story on Malaysia bit haha. never mind. :) wish u every success in your book. looking at the meticulous way u do stuff, i am sure it will b a good read

  10. Hi Bengbeng

    Thank you for your wishes :) The love story is a new campaign I just created that I thought would help create awareness of the book and at the same time, promote & unite Malaysians :)

    (but for you, as a blogger khaki, im giving you a complimentary book for review) :)

  11. I've posted my entry:

    Hope I can get a free copy of one of your books! Thanks in advance.

  12. Hi Quachee! I want that cuttlefish rojak, it looks really yummy!

    PS. Pls send me ur mailing address yeah? ;)

  13. i posted an entry about a man in the second world war who loves this country bcoz he realized what it was like during the days before independence

  14. hi situapui

    thanks for taking part in this contest :)

    btw, there is a link back together with the other LOVE stories at
    Bloggers Entries: I LOVE Malaysia

  15. Hi Beng Beng

    Are you submitting that for the contest as well? (would be great if you are haha) - then you stand a chance to get 1 extra :)

  16. hi there, i managed to come here thru this is yr blog? i hv posted mine recently .. when i went thru sparks corner, i was very surprised that the word Malaysia was there..that triggered me off.. i feel as a Malaysian, i should do a bit to help promote our country.. haha...there are so much to write actually.. anyway, all the best to yr project... (btw, i tot u would blog us back? how do u do that?)

  17. hi reanaclaire

    thanks for looking into the contest.. especially like you said, as its related to malaysia :)

    well, there are 2 ways that ill be linking back - one at Bloggers Entries: I LOVE Malaysia Home, and I'll do a compilation over at my blog as well this one through a unique angle :)

  18. I have just submitted my post. Here's the link. Yay! Hopefully I can be one of the lucky winners. =)

  19. @cinDee

    yes, it is. am open till we reach 100 bloggers. btw, nice blog uve got :)

  20. Hey QC, thanks for the book..received it in my mail today :)

  21. quachee,
    I received the book! Thanks a lot! I didn't know I win that book until I received it today... shall read it as soon as possible. Thanks again!:)

  22. @jerryinc
    hope u like it :)

    u did a good write up. hope u enjoy the book! :)

  23. hey quachee!

    I have submitted my entry! ;)

  24. Hey, i just saw your contest thingy. .
    but yeah. Is it over?
    Or may i still join in?

  25. @eudora
    thanks for yr submission :)

    sure, its still open. just let us know once uve written the post :)


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