Friday, July 18, 2008

Durian Season

It's that mid year time again when the king of fruits come out in full force. Yes, the lovely durian season is back!

And while I was in Malaysia, I actually managed to savour the delicious Malaysia durian, or also known as the kampung durian. These durians are usually smaller compared to the less odour Thai durian.

I knew the durian season was in as so many durian stalls were popping up along the streets and also at the pasar malams. Even the morning market sells durian now.

And I was really looking forward get a good feast of superb tasting durians. Especially those bitter sweet ones.

However, a durian fan I am, I'm a lil cautious on buying durians as I know many are out to make a quick buck, so choosing a good vendor is important. And the good news - durians are now rather affordable, going at as low as RM1/ kilo!

Delivery Durians
The first time I had durian this season was while we were eating at a restaurant, a vendor came over to deliver his durians to some customers. Apparently, he owns a durian farm/ durian plantation and are delivering to his loyal customers which he does yearly. Wow.

Of course, if there is such yearly demand, then the durians must be good! So, we asked if we could buy some, and his customers agreed to let us buy a few (ie the customers buy less). So, we happily got the durians and ate them at the restaurant. And yes, they were finger licking good lol (these were the 50 sen tenggelam kind of durians with small durian seeds).

Durian 'Festival'
Another time I had durians was at Klebang. I drove there in the afternoon and saw the vendors putting sign boards of RM1/ kilo onwards and I thought those were cheap. So, I came back at night to have a look and of course with the intention of savouring some of the durians.

There were many more durian vendors in the night - all nicely aligned on the street and all displaying their durians at the back of their lorries & make shift tables.

durian season, durian
Mari Mari, Murah Durian Kampung... Bagus Punya! (Come Come, Cheap Village Durian... Good One!)

We headed down to one of them which seemed decently priced (about RM2 - RM4/ kilo depending on the type of durian).

Again, requested the durian seller to open the durians on the spot for us to eat it right there. (I find this a good way to buy durians as then we can know how well the durians are).

The flesh were dark yellow & there was a tinge of durian smell in the air. So, even before tasting, we know it would be good!

durian season, durian
Eh, durian pun nak ambil gambar? Haha :) (Eh, durian also want to take photo?)

And yes, the durians were pretty good, not the best that I've tasted, but still in the good category! A durian lover would understand what I mean :)

Anyway, we tried both the RM2/ kilo durians and also the RM4/ kilo ones. But in fact, there were not much difference between the two. The seller also mentioned that there were pricier durians like the slightly red-dish coloured durians, but we didn't try them.

As it was good & rather affordable, we also bought some back home. Ah, this is the season... to be merry! :)

*Apparently, the durian season will last about another 7 days or so - according to the seller. So, durian lovers out there, better hurry!

*Some people mention that to buy durians, one should buy the small durians rather than the big durians. And also, the funnier the shapes of the durians, the better they will be.

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  1. must take durian b4 i fly off to sudan in a week's time

  2. wow, it's durian season at your place now ?? we didn't have it here recently. aw .. how i love to fight for the durians with my mum. XD

  3. Durians. Yum! KL does have a lot of them and happy that I have eaten them a few times already. I prefer D24 but the kampong ones I've tasted so far are not bad too. You are right, the best way to eat good durians is to eat them there and then. If no good, can reject and try a new one.

  4. johnny

    wow, u will be missing durians for a while + all other malaysian food :)

    heya levian
    ya, its a whole durian season now. oh, talking bout it just make me crave for it - before the season goes poof! haha

    how do u fight durians with mum? not using it as a weapon rite hehe

    steady lah. thats the way to savour malaysia's best! :)

    yes, its simply yummy! haha.

  5. durian price went up a few weeks back in alor star
    i'm not sure now.. but i'm hoping it's as cheap as it should be xD

    the reddish durian is the durian udang, rite?

    there's a tip on how to get good durian that i heard from some1..
    he said.. "goncang the durian, if he hear the ulas durian kena goncang, then that's a good durian"

  6. hey adila, thanks for the tip! ill do that next time round! :)

  7. weapons ?? nah, as if i were gonna waste that juicy durian. :P you're mean, i'm totally craving for it now.

  8. haha levian, joking lah :) u mean fight over them rite. mentioned that because the ah long pte ltd show had a football competition, using durians. :)

  9. hey hey. i like durians. but cant eat too much. later "demam".


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