Thursday, July 24, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 13: Thank You

Today, I just met an acquaintance who mentioned "Don't need to be so entrepreneurial - this is the real world... it's not easy".

Wow, that sure is a way to 'throw cold water' on an entrepreneur or even to break the spirits of some entrepreneurs, especially the younger ones.

I know the life of being an entrepreneur is a though one, but to ask to 'compromise' on our works & dreams, that is like doing something half-heartedly... I would rather not be one, if I'm asked to just do something in a small way (& without 100% passion).

Entrepreneurs have our dreams & ideas, which to an extent seem like fantasies. And to turn all ideas into realities, we face a lot of obstacles & challenges along the way. But shouldn't we give our heart out in what we do?

We don't have to do it alone
One way to help us along the way is getting support from family members & friends. I always believe the former is usually of utmost important & I am ever grateful for a supportive family who chip in ideas & at times work with me as well, helping from small tasks to bigger errands. And the encouragement from sincere friends are always welcoming as well.

But sometimes even with the help of these may not be sufficient, and more help is needed along the way.

And that is the case with this 50+1 Malaysia book project.

Thank You, Sponsors & Advertisers
So, now that the 50+1 Malaysia book is near to 'it's birth', I would like to thank the people & companies behind this project. Allow me to briefly share my experiences with them as well.

1. Ministry of Tourism Malaysia & the Visit Malaysia Secretariat

malaysia sponsor, visit malaysia secretariat

In Visit Malaysia Year 1990, I imagined how cool it was Malaysia having a promotional year for tourists. Never had I imagined then that I could work with you guys on promoting the country 18 years later in 2008.

And despite you guys keep on making quite a fair bit of changes & demands, but at the end of the day, I can really see that it is for the better. Let's promote Malaysia together :)

2. TNT
Thanking you for this opportunity to allow us to give it back to the many contributors a free copy of the 50+1 Malaysia book. You guys really make their day... now, the contributors can be happy to get back in kind their contribution in promoting Malaysia.

3. Jim Thompson's Mythai Restaurant & Retail Shops

malaysia sponsor, jim thompson
Mythai @ Starhill, KL

You were actually amongst the firsts to be part of this project and although we changed a fair bit of direction, you have never failed to continue trusting & believing in this project.

I've always admired your company for the beautiful designs & quality standards in your Thai silks. Never had I imagined doing business with you guys despite visiting your outlets so many times. Kap kun kap!

4. Menara KL & Menara Taming Sari Melaka

malaysia sponsor, kl tower
Apparently, this tower is more than just a scenery - from dining to nature & adventure

malaysia sponsor, menara taming sari
The latest attraction in historical Malacca

Thank you for the ease of work & communication throughout. It's great to know that amongst the tallest tower in the world is supporting us.

5. Galeri Petronas & Petrosains

malaysia sponsor, galeri petronas
The upmarket gallery in KLCC

malaysia sponsor, petrosains

To have such high end local tourist attractions supporting this project is one great trust & leap forward for the company.

6. Sarawak Energy

malaysia sponsor, sarawak energy

For a listed company & from Sarawak some more, it goes to show no boundaries amongst Malaysians.

And it is wonderful to know your company's vision & support in wanting to together develop Malaysia.

7. Bill Keith

malaysia sponsor, bill keith

It is my aim to work with designers again. And to have one of Malaysia's most distinguished designers of all time, this is something we would treasure.

Your combination of local & international flavour, promoting Malaysia is most admired!

8. Karl Ng

malaysia sponsor, karl ng
Karl Ng @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

As a first time being introduced to you, you have the talent & business acumen to go big. Many thanks for the quick decisions & allowing us to be creative on our side.

There are a few other Advertisers who made this whole book possible. To all Advertisers & Sponsors, many thanks for being part of this get together in uniting Malaysians & promoting Malaysia :)

*Btw, we are still looking to work with a few more Sponsors & those will be announced in due time.

*In my next book update, I would be thanking the many contributors who has 'drew the pages' of this book from white to full colour.


  1. congratulations you have all the big sponsors. then i must buy your book :)

  2. Wow.. Congrats :)

    I see familiar names listed :)

  3. I commented yesterday, but my comment didn't turn up. :(

    First of all, thank you for commenting on my website. turns out I barely know Malaysia. :'(

  4. wah you are the one who write the malaysian book ar.. wah keng la..

    congratulations !

  5. Hi Quachee, achievements go hand-in-hand with acknowledgement and thanks, and you, are doing a great job at it. Good for you.

    Keep up the good spirit and the dreams for they are the drivers to greater and better things. Congratulations for yet another milestone!

  6. thanks for the support, dalicia & ahlost, keeyit. its nice to get some pat on the back hehe :)

    hi kim
    never too late to know bout the country :)if i may, i'd recommend you have a look at this 50+1 Malaysia book - it will give you a good overall glimpse of the country from travel to food & its celebrities (local & overseas based)

    hi happysurfer
    always the inspiring blogger - many thanks! :) uve made blogging fun haha

  7. Hi! Thanks for the drop. Your 50+1 Malaysia book is an impressive one! (even though I have yet to get my hands on a copy)
    I believe this book will go a long way to promoting Msia :)

  8. OMG !! Why did I put my gmail there *LOL* Blur


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