Monday, July 07, 2008

Taiwan Design

I've mentioned how cool Taiwan is. And to one large extend, the art & design industry play a role in shaping this island.

Design Everywhere
Just take a walk along the streets and many beautiful designs greet you - first off the many outlets which emphasize on good designs.

One of the examples, its modern design food outlets.

There are many beautifully designed cafes around Taipei

And it's not just the food outlets. Even other shop displays are attention grabbing with good Taiwanese design.

It does make one stop to see what is the shop all about

And beyond the shops are the many eye catching posters & brochures featuring the talents of Taiwan graphic designers.

These Taiwan graphic designs are usually very neat and not cluttered, and in a way is a zen style like with attention focus directly on the drawings. Oh and talk about drawings, there is a lot of cartoon characters in their works which is rather refreshing & creative.

Even the Taipei 101 has a giant poster designed for it.

This design poster is at Taipei 101. It goes to show how influenced is Taiwan on graphic design

Pig Cartoon Designs
And one thing I noticed in Taiwan is their fascination with pigs. Saw a few posters of both food & non food related companies having the pigs/ boars at their front. Would understand if it's the Year of the Boar, but it isn't. I guess they mean good luck?

I'm not sure if it's the Taiwan culture on animation & cartoon characters so I asked our friend. The answer: Taiwan has a strong influence by the Japanese hence, the designs & animation culture is rather strong. Totally agree as then I could understand why there is so much similarities in their cultures.

Street Art
Beautiful designs can be seen not just by the purpose design stuffs, but also street art, designs & graffiti.

Grafiti can look good! And it's a good thing the people who drew this didn't get caught

I guess there is lots of freedom in the art expression here in Taiwan which leads to their rather creative designs. As for me, coming to Taiwan really opens up another level of design creativity that I can learn from and simply admire :)

My whole journey in this trip to Taiwan has been memorable. There are many more to share, but guess that is enough for now. Next up, things back to home!


  1. Lucky you!! keep the pixs coming cos i'll be going to taiwan soon too...would love to see whats on offer in taiwan ;)

  2. hi raymond

    thanks for visiting by. ive done quite a fair bit on taiwan already... and actually this is my final post for the time being on my short holiday there :)

    do feel free to check out the past posts i wrote on this beautiful island & its capital city of taipei. a destination worth going to :)

  3. You must have seen the many street art near 101! :)

  4. oh were there street art around the 101? didnt see them actually. what kinds of arts were they? :)

  5. Looks like a lot has changed since I went to Taipei 10 years ago. You've got a good eye for visuals. Keep it coming!

  6. I guess the more famous one is the LOVE street sculpture. Have you seen that? :)

  7. i did see the sculpture of the words LOVE - not sure if that is what you are mentioning haha. :)

  8. Hahaha...yeah I meant that one. But there are other street sculptures beside the LOVE. Have you climbed to the top of 101? There are lots of cool info at the top. :)

  9. act the LOVE words, i saw it in spore as well haha. i didnt go to the top of 101, but had dinner at the restaurant somewhere on the 85th level :)

  10. Wooohh...that's so cool! I thought the restos there were quite expensive. :P

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