Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Good Kuching Food

Hot Pot at Jalan Padungan

kuching hot potOn the first day of arrival, the hotel recommended this place for its seafood.

kuching hot pot seafoodThere are many stalls here - but he recommended stall no. 25.

kuching hot pot steam fishI tried quite unique food here starting off with the steam fish, with sambal at its side (ok, this may seem a lil ordinary).

kuching fried fishBut there was the interesting fried fish.... I saw this fish on my journey in the kampung later.

kuching hot pot sarawak vegetableAnd the unique curly vegetables - fried midin!

The food was not bad as it was rather unique and affordable. However I find the service somewhat rather slow.

Sarawak Laksa @ Jalan Abell

kuching food chong choon cafe"Just walk down this street and you'll see all the big cars... just in front of it, that's the coffee shop that has the famous Sarawak laksa" the hotel owner mentions.

kuching sarawak laksaTrue to its form, this coffee shop sell the famous Sarawak laksa that comes with prawns, and the must have sambal.

However, I've heard some Kuching folks telling me that there are other stall selling good Sarawak laksa too and in fact, there is one that is the genuine one? But this to me is good enough! :)

kuching mee rebus satayApart from the Sarawak laksa, this coffee shop also has another stall selling mee rebus satay - quite a unique combination! Not bad, but nothing compares to the Sarawak laksa here!

Kolo Mee @ Jalan Carpenter
After having a huge dose of kolo mee in KK, I hesitated about having more kolo mee in Kuching... till I was told that it's one of the must try food in this Cat City.

kuching kolo mee next shopAt one of the lanes close to Jalan Carpenter is this eye grabbing Next Coffee Shop. Like I mentioned, I didn't thought much the first day I passed by it...

kuching food mee pokSo I went back the next day... but was late. And the famous kolo mee is sold out. What I had instead was the mee pok - which was really tasty as well. And if that was good, what a miss that kolo mee!

Bing! Coffee @ Jalan Padungan

kuching bing coffeeThis is one of the local cafe chains, which came highly recommended as well.

kuching bing coffee drinkThe interior of this cafe is quite cosy and it comes with some unique drinks... like the ice blended stuff especially on a hot sunny day!

kuching bing coffee cakeIt also serves some rather tasty cakes. Personally, I think this cafe can go far - even giving the other big cafe chains a run for their monies!
Big Pau @ Jalan Padungan

kuching food big pau I especially enjoyed the big pau sold in one of the shops at Jalan Padungan. Somehow, the big bao/ pau didn't seemed too big afterall... as it was really tasty.

Kuching Satay Beehoon @ Jalan Carpenter

kuching satay bee hoonAnother unique dish, sold in one of the coffee shops at Jalan Carpenter. Though I've tried this dish before, but this was somewhat tastier.

Having sampled a fair bit of Kuching good food, I now know why many say Kuching is like a food heaven! But I think what I missed was more local food by the other races.

But then, there's always another time... and of course, if I'm back, I'll make sure I try that Sarawak kolo mee!

Btw, this is the final post of my East Malaysia holiday. It has been quite a documentation and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have the chance, do visit these beautiful cities (if you are not already from there of course!)... for it's really an eye opener, and somewhat quite different from West Malaysia.


  1. I'm just so impressed by the coverage you had for Kuching.

  2. The fried fish and the kuching satay meehoon are new to me. I have tried the sarawak laksa over here and it's different from the regular asam laksa but nice.

  3. I have never tried the satay beehoon! Only found in Sarawak?

  4. Ahhh, I missed a good bowl of Sarawak laksa and big pau too.....he he he!

  5. dude, which part of Carpenter street is this satay meehon store located ... is there the place that sell pork satay?

  6. quachee, u r still touring around Malaysia?
    hebat la..

  7. Well, what can I say. You did a great job and I've enjoyed every post. Thanks for the tour and the special highlights. Where next, eh?

    Okay, now visit my site and help out the cat shelter since you are in Sgp. ;)

  8. QC, go Miri after this. check out

  9. @dylan
    no, its one fish cut into half :)


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