Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wow, Macau!

Firstly, sorry for the no updates on the trip the past few days... I've actually arrived Macau 4 days ago.

And as much as I would love to share the sights & buzz of what I see in this scenic place, the problem is it's hard to find internet connection here. Well, I found some internet cafes, but was unable to upload any photos... but finally decided that the abscence is a lil long... hence, decided to write this post minus the Macau pics.

Anyway, minus the internet issues aside, Macau is simply amazing! I've never expected this place to have so much buzz, glitz.... and yet, retaining it's very own culture and heritage. The city has changed so much from a decade back! Wow!

Already coming from HK, I've never imagined more buzz here... but how wrong I am! Now, I'm glad I made the decision to visit Macau - a decision made only in HK!

In many ways, this place is just like another China city that has just awaken... and waiting to burst into the limelight (or already am). But there's more to it here - the nights are colourful with neon lights, performances amidst their big & bold buildings (think Beijing in some ways)... making this city like one huge playground by itself.

And yet despite the huge structures all over... there lies its main old town in the city central - the World Heritage area with short & somewhat pretty old buildings and cute coloured floor tiles.

And on the other island of Taipa, there is the Mecanese heritage - a mix of Portugese & Chinese culture.... something that reminds me closely to old... Malacca (ehem!).

Well, there's more similarities between the 2 cities, and yet, there are much more differences as well. That is something I'd love to share about in my future posts.

As for now... I'm logging off (I've only allowed 30 minutes here in the library's wifi). Till then, it's more sightseeing & trying more Macau egg tarts! :)


  1. It's ok, take your time to upload the pics. I'll be checking regularly as usual. :)

  2. Hope you will upload the pictures later! : )

  3. Yupe! This post is weird because it is picture-less! HA :D Usually you'll put in photos right? Ha :D wa...good lor ler you!


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