Friday, April 10, 2009

3 Nights In Mongkok!

For those of you who guessed it's Hong Kong - well you are right! Well, it's been years since I first came here - and the images I remember are mainly from the HK movies...

And well, there is non better then the one called One Night In Mongkok... only difference is I stayed in Mongkok for 3 nights!

mongkok crowdThis is the view I got when came out of the Mongkok MTR station... just see the crowd! I booked this trip a while back, and at this point, I actually want a break.... but here I am in a crowded place.

Apart from the crowd, the impression I have about here - bustling & lots of shopping! Honestly, what a first impression of Hong Kong.... not the glitter & glam, but the other side of it.

mongkok bustleAnyway, friend suggested this area as it's 'in a good location'. Well, I don't doubt it is.

mongkok cool drinkAnd the first thing I had when I came here - well reminiscence of cold with cold! Yes, a cold fruit drink - something I love about Hong Kong... its fruit shakes!

The weather isn't winter and ain't zero degrees, but still chill enough haha!

Anyway, that was all before I entered to the hotel... what a shock for me!

*Btw, the hotel price is HKD280/ night. More on hotels in HK to come - cos I've yet to book my other nights! It's just a shock!

Also stay tuned for more things from HK! :)


  1. i stayed in mongkok too when i was holidaying in hk. only difference is, the price of d hostel is cheaper and more spacious than d one u went to. and i went to The Peak, where they hav the Madame Tussaud's wax musuem as well. but from ur previous pics, most of d wax figurines are almost similar to d hk ones... i saw Andy Lau and Einstein too! :D

  2. Wah! You so fast from Kuching to Hong Kong already?

  3. i am tuned for more posts :) keep em coming

  4. @adeline
    do u remember the hotel u stayed in? might want to check it out :)

    haha.... but kuching was in feb! :)

    sure, more coming up - the only thing is it might be a lil slow, as i dont feel comfortable to blog from the room (too cram!). but there are free internet areas - which ive just found out.. so will keep you updated as much :)

  5. Agree with Robo. So fast after China, then KK, then Kuching, suddenly before I even have time to rest, you are in HK! You travel for a living is it? Don't tell me right after returning from HK, you take the next flight to India! LOL!

  6. @foongpc
    actually, i do in a way! haha. im in the travel industry (media side)... and actually, i do have meetings too to places i travel - but let that not bore this blog! hehe :)

  7. Great stories you're telling thru your pictures. Thanks for sharing them, QC.

    I wonder whether they switched off those huge billboards during Earth Hour. They are very attractive and would surely cost a bunch where power is concerned.

  8. Quote :-
    "actually, i do in a way! haha. im in the travel industry (media side)... and actually, i do have meetings too to places i travel - but let that not bore this blog! hehe :)"

    Just there any vacancy? Q, please inform me! :))

  9. in Mongkok already? What you did at there? Ha :D Hmm...blended fruits must be yummy.


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