Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hong Kong Disneyland

hong kong disneyland mtrTime was 8am, and thought would be late for the Hong Kong Disneyland - after all, it's one place that I got the impression one is to spend a full day at. Rushed to the MTR, change trains a couple of times... including sitting on this Disneyland train (check the handrails & windows).

hong kong disneyland welcomeBut surprisingly, the gates to Disneyland opens only at 10am... and not 9am, as stated in their brochures. So, I was an hour early!

hong kong disneyland art of animationThe first area attraction going into the gates was the Main Street USA. Apart from taking pictures with the most celebrated animated couple - Mickey & Minnie Mouse at the grand stand, I found the Art Of Animation interesting. This is a showcase of all previous Disney & Disney-Pixar's works.

Another attraction I found not too bad is the Animation Academy - where there were instructors to teach/ guide us on how to draw the cartoon characters. However, this is also where I started to feel a lil out of place... as even the chairs & tables were short - not so meant for adults.

hong kong disneyland mickey ice creamAnyway, moving on to the next area - the Adventure Land. However the main highlight Festival Of Lion King was not to be shown on the weekday! The other rides didn't quite drew my attention, and to me was a letdown - including the one I tried the Jungle River Cruise, going through 'the jungle with machine elephants'.

To me, the most exciting part of this was to see the Mickey Mouse ice-cream. For when purchase, the seller mentioned with big smiles, "Have a Magical Day".

hong kong disneyland its a small worldNext up, proceeded to the grand Fantasyland area. Already feeling a lil out of place, plus a lil letdown, and not going for those tea cups rides or Dumbo Flying Elephant Rides, I resigned to watching performances... and the Mickey's PhilarMagic was to me the best attraction of all. This 3D adventure was new, exciting and hosted by the more energetic Donald Duck.

Then, there was the not-to-be-missed Its A Small World - a boat ride bringing us through the world's continents, plus the music ringing "It's a small small world...". Not too bad, even for a grown up.

hong kong disneyland the golden mickeysAnother main highlight at this area - The Golden Mickeys. This stage show with all the characters come to live is a sold out! Had to wait for the next show to get entry (an hour odd later), but though the wait, this was quite worth it - seeing the characters sing in English, but with host Minnie speaking in Cantonese. Like I said, I've resigned to the shows & performances - so it fit me well.

hong kong disneyland disney on paradeAnother quite lively performance was the street show - Disney On Parade, with all the characters in their floats with blasting music. The highlight was of course the last float with the original Disney casts of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck & Daisy Duck, and of course the crowd went awww.

The final area to visit - Tomorrowland. This is actually the most exciting I guess for young adults. For this is where the rides like roller coaster Space Mountain or Autopia (drive the electric cars) were. But I didn't try all partly for the already long day plus the long queues.

I found the roller coaster ride a lil small (again!). Anyway, the Stitch Encounter is quite interesting... where a virtual Stitch actually speaks & interacts with the audience. I wonder what technology is used here...?

hong kong disneyland main street usaSoon, evening came.. and lights were up, giving the air of 'magc', finally. Was back at the Main Street USA... and the final thing to do, to go through their many souvenir shops.

hong kong disneyland cartoon charactersIt seems like a short time only looking back, but I actually spent a good full day here. Oh ya, one more thing, the Disney characters were all over the place as well - for photos, including the princesses.

Overall, this Disney experience is a must if you, like me, has not been to any Disneyland. Or if you are interested in seeing how the world of animation started.

But be warned, this is really a place for the kids & children. Adults have bigger playgrounds to go to like across the straits to Macau... Anyway, that's just how I feel afor you may still very much be awed & fall in love with the characters & all the rides :)

*I purchased the tickets from one of the hostels for HKD290/ ticket. Apparently, it is HKD350 if bought at the door. I chanced on this hostel, which was at the same place of the place I stayed.

HK Disneyland is reachable via MTR, which stops directly at the door step.

And the 'official time' is 9am-8pm.


  1. Wow~

    I wonder when will I have the chance to visit Disneyland...

  2. wow! love your hk pictures! especially the disneyland! Im going end of this year for the christmas :)

    How are you lately???

  3. Thanks for the tour, QV. Lovely pictures. My US friends told me that one needs more than a day at Disneyland/Disneyworld in the US.

  4. I was dream to go HK Disneyland 10 years, I no need to visit there anymore, because already old....Haha!
    Nice pictures!

  5. I enjoyed reading your post, especially as I've never been to Disneyland before. BTW feel free to take a look at the International Bloggers Community tag here :)

  6. Disneyland in Hong Kong. It seems a very happening place. I will drop by to take a visit during my trip to China.

  7. Yerrr! Not fair! I wanna go to! =(

    Lots of photos. Thanks. At least can get to see Disneyland from your blog. Ha :D

  8. So you didn't really enjoy your visit to Disneyland? Maybe it's more for kids. And I dislike long queues!

  9. Hehe, looks like you spent the entire day there while I only spent like 3 hours there :) But it was all good fun!



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