Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hong Kong, Really?

Was at one of the night markets in Mongkok... and something caught my eye! Yes, the 'Hong Kong' magnets.

"Are these really Hong Kong?" I asked in Mandarin.
"Yes, old Hong Kong... very long ago, we have this" the lady answers in her not too bad Mandarin.

"Yes, long time ago!"

"This is not Hong Kong....!"

hong kong magnetYou be the judge here... haha!

This lady maybe can sell ice to eskimos... or these magnets to anyone in the world, but not to me! haha.

Btw, this is taken at the Lady's Market in Mongkok. More of Mongkok markets to come :)


  1. QuaChee,

    You've sharp eyes ;) I thought imitation products only rampant in the mainland but seen it had contaminated the pearl of the orient too :P The souvenirs are pretty nice but the manufacturers and retailers should give due respect to the heritage owner *sigh*

  2. @benedict, you are right! And to have such a glaring mistake! lol. (btw, there's lots of fakes in this pearl of the orient - especially in their markets hehe) :)

    that's what i think it is! the lady obviously don't know where is malacca, and have no clue whatsoever (that even after i mentioned to her that i come from there!) lol :)

  3. God! Then now Malacca is part of Hong Kong? Hahaha :D


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