Sunday, April 12, 2009

Exploring Mongkok (& Its Surroundings)

mongkokAs I mentioned, Mongkok took me by quite a surprise... from the cram hotel to the hustle & bustle full of people & signboards! Minus the hotel, this is really the Hong Kong I see in the movies & expect it to be so!

Anyway, as I was located in Mongkok, I took full opportunity to visit its surroundings & see some of the highlighted places of interests.

gold fish marketIt first started off with this stretch of road, the Goldfish Market with quite a fair bit of shops selling just fishes. What makes this unique is that the fishes are all nicely hanged in plastic bags... now, that's a lot of work to keep refilling the air inside!

goldfish marketAnother eye opener in this Goldfish Market is this fish with its good luck character stamped on it.

flower marketMoving on, there's the Flower Market - which is basically 2 stretch of shophs selling fresh flowers... so fresh, one would think they are made from plastic! Some flowers here are quite unique & different from the ones back home especially as they come from the cool weather here.

fa yuen streetAnd just within walking distance, the Fa Yuen Street market. This market has many fashion clothes for both men & women, and even for children wear. Interestingly, the clothes here are not the touristy ones ie. catering very much to the locals.

ladies marketFor more touristy things & souvenirs, there's none other than the Ladies Market. I wonder how it gets its name... but the thing is, there's also souvenirs for all - from t-shirts, blouses, bags, paintings, and including the magnets from 'who knows where'!

This place really have the widest variety... and are quite reasonable too, especially comparing that to the other bazaars/ markets in Hong Kong. Of course, the prices are cheap only with some bargaining & comparing the prices first.

For me, the thing I got here - the I Love HK t-shirt, adding it to my collection of 'I Love tees' :) (i bought this for HKD30, though I think it can go for HKD25?).

temple street night marketFurther down the next MTR station (Yau Ma Tei station) is the Temple Street Night Market. It's similar to the Ladies Market, but with more Chinese stuffs - like paintings, ornaments, etc... and also having some items catering to locals like fruits.

However, it's not as big to the Ladies Market, I found it a bit of a let-down, especially after having visited the Ladies Market. (Btw, can you see the thorny fruits behind? hehe).

temple street night market fortune tellerBut saying that, there's one unique thing at this market... the row of fortune tellers - offering palm reading, face reading & more (rates starts about HKD100). These are on the left, while the booths on the right seem to focus more on taro card. Now, that's quite unique to HK!

Visiting these markets seem to be the Mongkok (Kowloon) experience - or so I thought...! But even over to the more grand Hong Kong island, there's markets too, which got me to think HK = markets!

But then, that's a generalisation, cos the HK island has got more than just markets.... stay tune for more! :)

*The MTR station for Flower Market & Goldfish Market is Prince Edward. From the Flower Market, one can actually walk to the Fa Yuen Market. Alternatively, stop at Mong Kok station. This station also has the Ladies Market within walking distance.

The Temple Street Night Market is closest to the Yau Ma Tei MTR station. Though just a stop away from Mong Kok station, I suggest one take the train for this, as the area can get a bit dark.


  1. What a sight! Just like in the movies, eh? Love the bags of fishes. So refreshing..

    Regarding bargaining. I'm not good at bargaining so when Malaysia made it a law to price-tag all goods on sale, I was relieved. So, if I were to shop in Hkg or Thailand, I would have to brush up on my bargaining skills. :(

    Thanks for the tour, QC. Looking forward to more nice pictures. Take care.

  2. yes. mongkok is bustle with life troughout day and nite. it has been a frequent place that I will go everytime when I cross over to Hong Kong. Infact I have been here so frequent that I lost count of my number of visits here. Look out for the electronic street (the largest in HK, and a must go area too) and as well as the Shoe Street.

  3. I felt that the fish shop owner should not have put the fishes in the bags like that. Very kesian the fish you know, they will feel very frightened. Other than that everything else was interesting.

  4. wow Hong Kong!! I missed HK, don't know when I will have the chance to visit HK again..

  5. Ouh my God, they torture the poor parrot fish! :( How come look like petaling street. Ha :D


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