Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cram Hotel Room

cram hotel room
Neat & clean. Well that's the info I've gotten on this hostel room.

But what they didn't really mention is that the rooms are very very small & quite cram. Hey, I've stayed in quite a fair bit of hostel/ budge hotel rooms already, but for cheaper prices, I've gotten bigger & better ones!

Yes, this is in fact the most expensive hostel room I've stayed - yet the smallest!

Well, seeing what's in this hostel, one may think otherwise - cos it's big enough to fit 2 beds, a TV, and a small attached bathroom - and I'm sure you may wonder how.

First, apart from the tiny width of the bed, so is its length.... making my legs jot out of the beds, giving this Goldilock like feel - sleeping on the baby bear's bed!

hotel tvTV wise, well, they have it at the tip of the bed and just before the toilet. It's an LCD TV and mounted at the corner of the room, so space is good here.

hotel toiletThe toilet - well, it's the same dwarf like feel... where one is to shower by the toilet bowl. Talk about space!

So, well, this is the introduction of my new trip - I've just arrived last night, and will be here for a good 2 weeks or so.

Can you guess where I am? If space isn't a good enough a clue, here's another - I might meet the real 7 dwarfs tomorrow! :)

*I'll reveal the price of this hotel tomorrow - wonder how you will react to it haha!


  1. Really crammed up! I dislike the can anyone shower in there??!

  2. You can't be in Japan (I'd expect better standards in Japan), so you must be in Hkg and going to Disneyland.

    I think in Japan, the rooms are even smaller. I've heard of someone having to bathe one side of his body first and then the other. Go figure..

    Have fun, QC.

  3. You haven't seen small hotel rooms at all, if you haven't been to Japan! One time I stayed at a room where the fridge was underneath the bed and TV was hanging from the ceiling right on top of my pillow!!

  4. This room reminds me of Hotel 81 Chinatown. So cram and the toilet is exactly the same size

  5. Everything is tiny except for the LCD lol.

  6. Japan's capsule hotels are more cram. But then they have shared bathrooms...

  7. definitely hong kong! i've stayed in a similar hostel before. but nevertheless, the one i stayed in was really clean. not even a speck of dust! despite the tiny space, it was not too bad and it came wit a cheap rate too! :D

  8. I think Japan would have better room standards..

    Hong Kong is the obvious guess, but..It has a China feel to it..Taiwan perhaps?? ^_^

  9. I feel claustrophobic looking at the photos! Can't stay there! Too bad I already read your later post. So I know it's Hong Kong. OMG! RM280! Crazy!

  10. Foong, it's not RM but HK$ 280 so it works out to approx RM 130. Not a bad deal, QC. Any place cheaper than that may not be suitable. You're on holiday, remember? Accommodations must also be bearable to be able to enjoy a holiday. Right?


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