Tuesday, April 07, 2009

25 Things About Me

Ok, I'm on a 'meme' run.... well, at least for the past post & this.

I've been tagged to do this from friends via facebook, for a while now. Well here goes:

1. I've went to 2 kindergartens - one year in Chinese, and one more year in English.

2. That was my first touch of Mandarin, though I only related to it again much later in Form 6, when my classmates from the Chinese speaking schools came over to study in my school - Malacca High School (am proud of it!).

3. I learnt English & Malay as my main language - our school was English speaking (I always compare it to the Raffles school in Singapore!). Anyway, I had a good mix of friends from other races, which I think is so important, especially coming from such a diverse country.

4. In Form 1 (Secondary 1), I sat with a group of Malay friends. They introduced me to Malay music & Malay movies. And I'm glad I had that experience, cos from then & till today, I'm open to what rocks in Malaysia's entertainment industry.

5. My exposure to Chinese pop came in university when in Singapore. That was also the time J pop was at its peak - remember Utada Hikaru's First Love?

6. My Mandarin picked up when I'm in Singapore, though I still speak with an accent and my vocab not very strong. Well, I'm learning still, and hope to learn further... and appreciate those who support.

7. I believe one should be Malaysian first, race second. It's the same when we are overseas - if we are in USA, we are American first, and where we come from 2nd.

8. I love Malaysia... for it's my country I was raised. I think it's so beautiful, something I realised more so after doing the 50+1 Malaysia book. And we can be proud to be Malaysians for all we achieved. However, if we can improve further, there's so much more to love this country - and we need this.

9. I always believe leaders should have a clear & good vision, and to see it through. This applies globally and to Malaysia.

10. I love Thailand, the Thais, and all things Thai. It's one country where people are so accomodating. The other nice people & places are in Bali & also from Java.

11. I admire & have lots of respect for humble people, whether they are super rich, or in a very high positions. That is what I call 'class'!

12. I believe in dreams coming true - something which is tested and tried over time. I've got a few dreams realised - and I'm working on more.

13. At times, it seems tough and challenging... and it is those periods that I need a break, and refocus back on my goals and realign my strategies. Supporting family members & friends help.

14. One of my dreams is to work with famous celebrities - both in film & music. You can say that I'm very interested in productions.

15. I would like to work with industry players from Korea, Hollywood, HK & also Bollywood for movies, Japan for anime, and Taiwan for music. But I also hope to bring Asean's music & movies across - from the likes of Malaysia to Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia (I think there's many talented people in these nations!).

16. I am very interested in new creations, or creating new things. I enjoy seeing my ideas come to reality. There is lots of joy whenever I see my new booksn in print, and I'm looking forward to my movies soon!

17. I love traveling a lot!

18. I love both city and kampung life - though of late, I begin to enjoy the serenity of the villlages more.

19. I have strong opinions, though I'm open to new ideas. I believe successful businessmen must have this trait to succeed.

20. I find swimming relaxing to the mind. Sometimes I get new ideas & confidence when swimming.

21. I gym to remain fit. It's tough at times to bring myself to the gym, but when I go, the workout always feels good.

22. I love inspiring movies, especially those with a happy ending and somewhat surreal. I believe movies are meant to entertain, and bring some fantasy & joy to one's life.

23. My dream house is a mansion by the beach, with infinity swimming pool, and a bedroom overlooking the sea (the sand will be fine white).

24. I love spicy food. I can't go for more than 3 days without chillies.

25. I believe life is a journey, and one should appreciate and enjoy it as much as possible.

Wow, to write 25 things isn't easy - and I thought writing bout oneself is the easiest! Haha!

Btw, if you really read all 25 points, thank you! :)

I'm tagging fellow blogger khakis - Happysurfer, Amir Fuad, Foongpc, Haan, Reanaclaire, Robo, Stormwhistle, Mei Teng, JL, Tekkaus, Khengsiong, RW Fine Art, Day-dreamer, Bengbeng, Adila, Faisal Admar.


  1. Oh boy! You tagged me in spite of me not doing tags? You know that, don't you that I don't do tags. But thanks for thinking of me. Really.

    Good read, all 25 of them. You are a true Malaysian, QC. Syabas!

  2. You do tags? I thought you don't that's why never bother to tag you!

    I'm not very fond of tags either, but thanks for tagging me! : )

    Interesting 25 things about you. One day when you are famous, maybe you can do an autobiography. Haha!

  3. You can't go w/o chillies for three days? Wow..you're a guy who loves your chillies huh.

    I kind of regret not learning Mandarin. I can't read. But can understand a smattering of words.

  4. like u, i believe in Malaysian 1st, origin 2nd. "all dreams cost money", shinjuku incident.

  5. kakaka... i'm not being tagged ... :)

  6. oh... u tagged me! realized only now, when reading few posts in one shot.

    last time, i used to response to the tag "7 facts about myself".. this one needs 25!! wow...

    let me think think... :)

  7. @happysurfer
    haha, ya, just tag all blogger khakis. its ok if u dont do :)

    thanks for the encouragement, always :)

    ya, one of my dreams is to have a good biography - someday. though its not when famous, but i think when successful :)

    @mei teng
    ya, im surprised how i can survive my china trip for 16 days...! but then again, they have chillies, though not like what we have back home! :)

    mandarin - ya, i think we are like stucked in a way. brought up so english... then coming to realise, the world is so mandarin speaking! :)

    @rw fine art
    high 5 on malaysian first! :)
    dreams costs money - agree! some will use money, some is opportunity costs.

    would you like to do this tag too? its quite fun actually. i can tag u! :)

    take yr time. you'll feel good when uve done this - its a bit of self exploration :)


  8. Ok tag noted. I'll start figuring out what to write haha.

  9. OMG! How come I didn't know about this tag d? I got tagged too! Wow! 25 questions....sounds like pretty hard. Gonna try soon.


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