Friday, April 03, 2009

Good Bye Pak Lah

pak lahIt was an honour to see you in person, my first time meeting a Prime Minister in person. This was back in December 2005.

Honestly, I wasn't sure of whether I could have met you, despite knowing that you are the Guest Of Honour. But nevertheless, I was excited and my heart must have stopped beating.

I would like to thank you for personally coming to my booth despite the many people in front of your path. For a moment, I thought I wouldn't get a chance to see you at all, but you made it through.

And what's more, you not only came over, but actually spent some time to congratulate me.

I still vividly remember your firm handshake and your words of "Congratulations... keep it up, young man".

That plus you obliging to my humble request to sign the 2 copies of the books makes the whole moment somewhat 'magical' and remains as one of the 'achievements' to me & my entrepreneur life.

So, Pak Lah, once again, I thank you for the gesture and the memory... and most of all, for keeping this young man's dreams alive.

malaysia pmBtw, as you move on in life, I'd like to bid goodbye to you as our 5th Prime Minister... and here's wishing you a wonderful 'retirement' to you.

May you have a good one, Pak Lah.


  1. That was your launch of Batik Inspiration? I noticed your suit has a batik motif isn't?

    Must be such an honour for you! :)

  2. @mei teng
    that was during the kl batik event. yes, my suit has the batik motif - its the one i used for the shoot too.

    and yes, it was a a big honour! i must have been speechless somewhat, i still remember :)

  3. Yes I too would say that was a great honour, to be given words of encouragement by the top leader of the country. P

  4. Congrats, QC. What memories!

    Batik was close to his late wife, the First Lady's heart so going to your booth on "Batik Inspirations" was meaningful to him.

    Btw, you may want to correct a typo on the word 'wishing' on the second last para of yr post. You had it as 'wising'.

    Great post. Historical.

  5. Wow, great honour indeed! So this is like one of those important historical moment for you that you must definitely include in your future autobiography, yes? LOL!


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