Monday, April 06, 2009

A Yummy Breakfast

half boiled eggsI've read that experts mention that a good healthy breakfast is key to a good day.

Though I don't follow this all the time... but on some days, I'll have a good breakfast. It's usually something light. Like these half boiled eggs, which btw is one of my favourites.

If I'm lucky, I'll be able to have the telur ayam kampung (village chicken eggs). Otherwise, the normal chicken eggs will do.

And that goes with a good hot cup of green tea! (Used to be a coffee fan, but not anymore). At times, I'll have the toasted kaya bread to go along with it too - oh, that's a wholesome meal alright! haha :)

Anyway, how bout you? How do you usually start your day? :)

*Btw, if you are wondering how come I'm talking bout eggs suddenly.... well, this is actually a 'meme' forwarded by blogger friend, Happysurfer... requesting me to pick a photo, the fourth photo from the fourth folder of my photo archive and talk about it. And then I am supposed to pass the tag on to four other victims.

Well, I'm not really going to fwd this meme to anyone in specific, but if you feel like it, just go ahead! :)


  1. Oops! Did I tag you on this one? I am so sorry to have done that but you did well, QC.

    Yum!! Half-boiled eggs are my fav too.

  2. Haha! Happysurfer finally taste your own medicine? You tagged me with this too, remember? : )

    So surprised with both of you! Both never do tags suddenly did them!

    Quachee, your breakfast is so yummy! I love the half boiled eggs, toasted bread with kaya and butter, and of course to complete it all with coffee. In your case, you replaced with green tea. Going healthy eh? Good for you!!

    I do have this type of breakfast when I eat out. But at home, I only have fruits for breakfast! Yes, just fruits and more fruits! I like eating fruits on an empty stomach! : )

  3. Same as yours that's if I've the time. Or else, a packet of nasi lemak will do the trick :P

  4. during weekdays that i have to work.. i start my day with a cup of milo. if i eat too much in the morning, i will feel hungry.. throughout the entire day.


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