Monday, September 08, 2008

Raya Singapore

Every month during the fasting month, the streets of Changi Road, Geylang Road & Sims Ave are well decorated with tents being put up along both sides of the roads.

raya, geylang serai, singapore

And it is also this time of the year, that I would go down to soak in the Raya atmosphere. To me, this really is the 'mother of all pasar malams' as it is really huge and have lots of things to see, buy & eat!

raya, singapore, geylang serai, crowd
Just look at the crowd - 'happening - lah'

Clothes/ Baju
This is a good place especially for our Muslim friends to get their baju Raya (Raya clothes). Prices are reasonable, and there is quite a fair bit of varieties.

raya, singapore, geylang serai, baju kurung
The baju kurungs for the ladies

raya, singapore, geylang serai, baju kebaya
There are also the many baju kebayas... though this year seems to be a lil less compared to last time when kebayas were at its peak

Of course, for the ladies, there are more than just bajus, like accessories from purses, handbags and even brooches & necklaces.

raya, singapore, geylang serai,accessories
Accessories to go well with the baju kurungs & baju kebayas

Well, while the ladies have their wide things to choose from, the men also have a fair choice.

raya, singapore, geylang serai, baju melayu
The baju Melayu for the men

raya, singapore, geylang serai, songkok
Of course, it goes well with a new songkok

Apart from the traditional dresses, there are also many other 'modern day' clothes (not that the traditional clothes aren't) - like jerseys.

raya, singapore, geylang serai, jersey
Choose your favourite football team jersey!

And the one for all...
raya, singapore, geylang serai, slippers
Wow, really that many slippers! And this is just one of the many stalls having only slippers & shoes

Well the one thing I like most about this bazaar is its wide array of food, some of which is close to heart!

raya, singapore, geylang serai, ramly burger
My no. 1 pasar malam food - yes, the burger Ramly! (btw, see how focus this seller is! Tentu sedap! (For sure nice one!)

There are also my other favourite, the bbq chicken wings.

raya, singapore, geylang serai, chicken wing
The lady obliged with a photo - just see how many wings she has!

raya, singapore, geylang serai, bbq chicken wing
Another chicken wing seller... "Ah boleh, boleh, boleh... ambik-lah" (Ah, can, can, can... take-lah) when asked to take photo. They must be thinking where I come from.

raya, singapore, geylang serai, coconuts
The coconuts - refreshing after a walkabout in this busy bazaar

raya, singapore, geylang serai, yiu tiao
There is also this yiu tiao which I've yet to try... maybe the next time round

raya, singapore, geylang serai, otah
And also one of Singapore's pasar malam more common foods - the otah

More Food!
Apart from the fresh cooked food, there is also some food which we can takeaway.

raya, singapore, geylang serai, kuih raya
Manalah raya tanpa kuih raya kan (Where lah got raya without raya cookies). hehe... plus some kacang putih

raya, singapore, geylang serai, red dates
The rather popular red dates!

Apart from food & clothes, the one other thing one can buy to make a happy raya include:

raya, singapore, geylang serai, plants
Decorative plants to spruce up the home for visiting guests

raya, singapore, geylang serai, carpets
To add comfort & ambiance, one can get the carpets

raya, singapore, geylang serai, cars
And yes, even cars... See, only S$7/ day, can own car already!

After a round of indulgence, it's time to head home. But, the crowd has just begun.

*Nearest MRT station - Paya Lebar. From there, it's just 2 minutes away.

*Apparently, the prices have 'harga runtuh' (drop down prices?) during the eve of Hari Raya. There are many good bargains especially the carpets. But expect a huge crowd!

*1st Day of Hari Raya is a Public Holiday in Singapore.

Oh one more thing, to all Muslim friends all over, Selamat Bulan Ramadhan :)


  1. It seems that the mood is really up and going over there. =) I like the photo where you can own the car for $7 per day.

  2. I'm goin' goo goo ga ga over the decorative plants! LOL!

  3. the car rental is very cheap

  4. Wow, the crowd, the noise, the bargains, the food, the lighting. I miss them all! :)

    Hello, first time visiting here. :)

  5. wow.. thanks for the photos.. especially Ramly Burger's one.

    I am so missing that! I used to go all the way there just to get the burgers.

    Gosh how i miss that!

  6. very nice blog about travel..good job =)

  7. The food pictures make me hungry :D

  8. @tekkaus
    ya, what a good marketing heh. makes it looks affordable :)

    oh you like plants too? cool. what are your fav?

    its actually car purchase... but not bad lah, considered quite cheap :)

    thanks. ppl were staring when i took that shot. like someone never seen otah/ otak otak before haha.

    yes, its just great soaking in all. btw thanks for coming by :)

    ya, the ramly is the no. 1 - 'die die must try' one huh :)

    thank u :)

    haha. glad you like them. well, it means time to makan :)

  9. Haven't been to Singapore for 10 years now. Thanks for the beautiful picture. So, are you a singaporean or malaysian living in singapore?

  10. I feel so tortured when I see all the photos...this is kind of things that I really miss being far away from homw..tsk..tsk...


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