Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cheap Travel Insurance

Cheap Travel Insurance

I've recently been approached directly to review a travel insurance website - Cheap Insurance Travel. As you guys know, I only review things that I believe will benefit you readers and that relates to this blog (I've turned down a fair bit of other non related reviews).

Okay, now that's clear... let's start.
I'm not sure how many of us actually go for travel/ holiday insurance, especially from this part of the world. But as we increase in travel, and with the insurance industry gaining importance too, I think this is one segment we can look into, especially if we are traveling overseas.

Why Travel Insurance
Some of the things that travel insurance can cover usually include things related to travel, eg. delay (baggage/ flight) and missed departure.

But what I think is more important is the medical emergency because medical for foreigners and locals are always vastly different - to me, this is the main reason to purchase travel insurance.

*For full details on types of coverages, see: Policy Benefits.

Cheap Travel Insurance Packages
This site allows one to book different packages - from Single Trip (3 days - 91 days), Annual Multi Trip (more than 1 trip in 12 months), Long Stay Travel Insurance (31 days - 18 months).

Interestingly, there is also packages for Backpackers (with a focus on the Up To £3 million Medical and Repatriation Cover), Business & Travel Insurance (this applies for those going on business trips), and also a good coverage for those above 65 - The Over 65 Travel Insurance (this is good for senior citizens who find getting insurance difficult at times).

Insurance: Things To Note
1. When buying travel insurance online, you must make sure if your country is covered. Although this site states its for UK Residents, but it has a link to Nomad for those from other countries (and our country is listed there! :) ).

2. Another important thing to note when buying insurance is also to understand the claims procedure. And the good thing is that this site clearly states on how to make a claim - which I think everyone should read and see how comfortable they are with this policy (it seems pretty decent for me).

So, if you do plan for another holiday, you can consider a travel insurance - either through your insurance agent, or checking this site CheapTravelInsurance :)


  1. Thanks for sharing! Yupe, insurance is important. Anything can happen during our outing. It's better to be a lil safer than sorry. =)

  2. thanks for sharing, im going travel next month. might be using it :)


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