Monday, January 19, 2009

Shanghai Food

Shanghai Food

I tried many types of different food in Shanghai, hoping to sample the best Shanghai food around, that despite not having any restaurant guides.... but mainly just hopping into restaurants I think are good.

shanghai food, hot pot beefThis is one of my star highlights - hot pot, where one cook the beef in the spicy gravy and then dip with the garnishing.

This rather premium dish (about 90 yuan) served well especially during the cold weather in Shanghai... and was really yummy and unique!

shanghai food, steamboatActually, with such cold weather, that was not my only hot pot type of food I ate in Shanghai. I also tried this fish steamboat, which was really a huge meal (I think up to 2 can eat this).

shanghai food, steamboatAgain, the soup is somewhat spicy, and cooked steamboat style.

shanghai food, dumplingBut of course, what is Shanghai food without trying their dumplings, right? I tried all types there - like these fried ones.

I like this a lot as the skin was really thin and kinda smooth (btw, to know this restaurant just lookout for its cartoon icon).

shanghai food, crab dumplingIn another restaurant, I tried the famous crab based dumpling. In some restaurants/ eateries, they give you a straw to suck the 'soup' out. But for this restaurant, one is to bite the thin skin, and just drink from it (they provide a small saucer just nice for it).

I wasn't sure whether to eat the skin in the end or not (after drinking the soup)... but since my Shanghainese 'neighbour' did so, so did I - I guess the dumpling skin here is soft enough to be eaten.

shanghai food, steam dumplingI also tried this platter of different xiao long baos, each with a different filling of meat inside.

shanghai food, shanghai noodlesI had my fair share of dumplings in Shanghai, sometimes ordering with noodles.

shanghai food, riceActually I ate a lot of noodles in this China trip... but also had some rice in between to get some variety.

shanghai food, celebrity restaurantI'm surprised that this meal is a place where many other celebrities had too! (at the eatery in Raffles City). But honestly, I wonder what they ordered!

shanghai food, mixed riceI also had an opportunity to try out the Shanghai's mixed rice. This eatery was very near the hotel I stayed... and I was so happy to see it - thinking that finally, I have a reasonably priced meal nearby.

shanghai food, mixed riceBut when I ordered my food, they have this policy of minimum orders. And I had to take on more dishes - with the total bill going to 15 yuan!

Somehow, I find our mixed rice back home much tastier and with wider variety, and without the minimum order thing.

shanghai food, satay celupWell that was my last at the mixed rice stall. But that was not the last eatery I had in the Jing An area, near my hotel.

The other unique food which I tried is this supposedly very popular 'satay celup' style eatery.

shanghai food, ingredientsCustomers choose the ingredients from the array and put them into the basket, which is then handed over to the cook.

shanghai food, soupTo which then, the cook cooks them in a soup type dish. It was quite unique and not too bad.

Actually, there's lots more of other types of food in Shanghai - like the many variety international cuisine and fast food.

But as tempted I was for those, I made my point to eat just Chinese food here (except for 1 meal).... and in a way, I'm surprised that I could take it everyday, despite the food in Shanghai being somewhat different in taste from what we have back home :)

Coming up next: the Shanghai snacks!


  1. Shang Hai is like a Food Paradise!
    But my next vaction will be in Bali only. I have to chose to go places which give me Visa on arrival.

    Malaysian working in SG - If apply visa in Malaysia, got to on leave. If apply visa in Singapore got to pay double since we are not Singaporean...

    Any tips for BALI???

  2. I was on a business trip to Nanjing several years ago. I found the food there too oily. Is Shanghai food oily too?

  3. Good question, KS. I'd like to know that too, QC.

    The noodles that I eat here from stalls run by China-folks are normally oily. Too oily spoils the taste.

    QC, thanks for sharing the diferent types of food. Your info gives us a good idea of what to expect when in Shanghai.

  4. Shanghai is well known for its' food. Woooo, hot egg tarts.....yummy!

  5. Wow! I think I'll like the hotpot with beef in spicy gravy. Yummy! And the fish steamboat too! So nice to eat these in cold weather!

    The dumplings and siao long baos look delicious too! : )

  6. @josephine
    wow, that is a paradise - i love the culture. some tips - you got to go watch the dance performances (there's a few diff types) and also, if you are into non touristy stuff, when you see the village folk carrying baskets on their head (which happens at diff village at diff times), just follow them... ull see a cultural 'exhibition' takes place right in front of you - and non touristy! :)

  7. @khengsiong & happysurfer
    ya, their food in shanghai is somewhat oilier (when its fried or even at times the noodles & dishes), but i think i had my fair share of non oily type foods (like the hot pots) - lucky me! :)

    the kfc there sells this too - big time!

    ull definitely love to eat in shanghai! haha :)

  8. You didn't know whether to eat the skin of the 小龍包? What kind of Ah Beng are you? Do they not have Chinese food in your kampong?

  9. @mr no name (anonymous)
    the big 小龍包, most people dont eat the skin. thats what i notice. i dont think uve eaten such, or u wont make such a comment.

    btw kampong is to be spelled kampung. i think u dont come from malaysia.. but from somewhere not too far away.

    dont be rude or judgemental, please. no one is superior to another. u too.


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