Wednesday, January 21, 2009

China Food

China Food

china food, hangzhou food, dumpling restaurantI tried many types of food throughout China - from fast food to local delicacies and many times eating what the locals eat.

This is especially so in both Shanghai and in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Food

china food, hangzhou food, dumplingI'd just pop by their local restaurants which I think is decent enough, and then look for the pictures in the menu and start to order! And if without any pictures, I'd just ask for recommendations.

This include trying the ever popular dumplings (I think that dumplings in China are quite nice, and one of the better food around China, or at least the cities I went).

china food, hangzhou food, fried noodleI even tried this fried noodles which looked so similar to what we have back home. This was in a local like fast food restaurant. Again, having hot plate during the cold weather was nice, though the food was a lil too oily for liking.

china food, hangzhou food, pancake shopAnd while I was at Qinghefang, I noticed such a long queue for food. I thought that this must be good, or at least worth the try. And so, I went in to order the food that was selling like hot cakes.

china food, hangzhou food, pancakeI seriously waited with much anticipation.... but for this. Huh? It's just like roti canai/ prata/ pancake - minus the curry (give us ours anytime!).

china food, hangzhou food, steam fishBut that wasn't the only food I ordered in this Muslim food outlet. I also had the famous West Lake carp in sweet sour sauce. This made up for the pancake lots... The fish is very fresh and the sauce though a lil heavy, is delicious.

china food, hangzhou food, dongpo pork
I also tried other delicacies from Hangzhou - including this dongpo pork. But I felt, it was so hype.

And funnily, in the travel guide, it says that the pork isn't fatty. But what I got was a half fat pork! (that's why they really can't blame us for our perceptions on China, Chinese & Chinese food haha!) - btw this one piece pork costs 8 yuan.

china food, hangzhou food, you tiao fast foodOne of the things I find unique in China is that their local food like this you tiao is also available in fast food restaurants. This is a meal set which comes with the soya bean. Makes a good snack, though a lil oily.

china food, hangzhou food, hangzhou street snackOne of my other highlights in Hangzhou is to try out the local Chinese delicacies. This is one of the many restaurants/ outlets in the traditional like setting in a tourist area, Dynasty Town.

china food, hangzhou food, traditional chinese food, roast chicken, salty beancurdIt was quite interesting to have tried this chicken for the way it's cooked and also the salty beancurd.

china food, hangzhou food, dessertOh ya, and one of my highlights in Hangzhou is to try this unique dessert in the 'Honyemoon Dessert' outlet, which I enjoyed lots.

But, I was self pitying myself as I only found out about this outlet on my last night there... but then as fate have it, I found another of their outlets in Shanghai!

Wuzhen Food
When I went to Wuzhen, I also made a point to try their local food.

china food, wuzhen food, restaurantThe main highlight would be this authentic looking restaurant near the Dongzha district, which apparently is frequented by the China celebrities.

china food, wuzhen food, mutton, vegetableI tried Wuzhen's most popular dish - the mutton cooked in dark sauce and the rather unique vegetables. The restaurant really lived up to its name, and I don't mind coming back here (though I doubt I'll go to Wuzhen again soon, or ever).

china food, wuzhen food, smelly tofuAnd apparently, the smely tofu is quite popular here. This one is one of the better ones I tried, which was served at a push cart, also around the same Dongzha area.

china food, wuzhen food, spicy noodle soupAnd like the other places I visited, I tried Wuzhen's own local noodles. I like the spicy gravy on this one.

china food, wuzhen food, dessertAnd of course, apart from main dish, I had to try the special local desserts!

china food, wuzhen food, cake dessertThe one I enjoyed most is actually this steamed cake.

china food, wuzhen food, dessert shopKnowing it was prepared in this rather authentic setting just made it taste better!

china food, wuzhen food, cake dessertI enjoyed this quite a bit, and ordered this again in another stall... this time in the Xizha district.

Looking back, I really ate such a wide variety of China foods! I guess it takes one to be adventurous enough to try - for in between the many so-so foods, there tend to be the good ones! :)

*Hangzhou's traditional cuisine apart from the dongpo pork and steam fish is the beggar's chicken and stewed duck.

For Wuzhen, there's also the fresh fish, though mutton seems to be super popular there.

*The China series which I've been writing for about a month is about to end. If you've missed any, or would like a reference, you can visit China Trip.


  1. i understand that food varieties in China are wide, and in different area or district, they have different cultures and taste. I hardly like the taste, i remember I was at shen zhen and they like to cook celery in most of the dishes... i hate celery..

  2. I definitely love to try the local foodstuff when I go travelling, except that I'm afraid of food poisoning. Hence i don't dare to buy foodstuff from the roadside, only from shops with good hygiene or restaurant :)

  3. All the food really looked different from what we ate here. Hmm.. somemore you tiao in a fast food chain. Haha seeing is really believing man.

  4. quachee, i love the steam dessert too.. what is that called..
    so much food to taste.. before i go, i better go on a diet first.. how to consume so much without putting on weight?

  5. I feel like trying their special dessert lor. It looks so nice!

  6. wao, all nice nice china food! anyway, for the tongpo pork, i like fat fat and oily oily one, haha~

  7. I wonder if China food vs Malaysian Chinese food, which tastes better?

  8. @goolooloo
    ya, their food kinda differ from one area to another heh. but what i found similar is their noodles - the texture, though the base is diff :)

    me too! and i missed some hawkers i saw selling fried kuay teow. looked so good! :)

    yes, in china, they have their own local fast food chains, which seem to be so popular... selling local food. wonder if one would succeed here in our country? :)

    i was surprised that despite eating so much, i only gained 0.5 kg. that to me is a big achievement! haha. i think maybe in between, i also ate not so filling meals.

    oh on the dessert, i really dont know the name oops hehe. but yes, its nice :)

    yes, do try it if you go there! i somehow cant seem to find super desserts back here. they really know how to mix and match over there! :)

    haha. u like 3 quarter fat one right? i use to like that too, but scared to gain weight! :)

    in general, i prefer ours - more spice, even chinese food. and i think we are more towards hk cuisine, which i think is the hub for chinese food? :)

  9. You know what! This post makes me realize how MUCH you can eat. Very "tam chiak" lar you! Ha =) Anyway, I have to say that these pictures are great.


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