Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wonderful 2010 Travels

Every year I compile the places I've traveled for the year. And this year is no different.

As expected, in 2010, I traveled much less for leisure as compared to the previous years. But in any case, I still managed to work + travel to a few destinations, and enjoyed them lots!

Here are the places I visited this 2010, both overseas & locally.

1. Bangkok, Thailand

My first trip out of the country was for the Bangkok International Book Fair. It was a super experience.. the best book fair in the region, to me! Was so huge (took a good 2-3 days to cover the grounds with staff), and yet it was very well organised too!

Though time off work was limited (apart from the extra tired legs), but still, I managed to find some good food around the city - like this oh-so-yummy phad thai + fried oyster omelette!

2. Krabi, Thailand

Been here a couple of times now, and you can say, I am a lil familiar with this beach holiday destination. But like the Bangkok, I don't feel bored at all and still always find new things for me to explore - other parts of the beach, new hotels, new restaurants.. the list goes on.

And even if all else remains the same, how can I ever, ever resist the long beach.. sitting in the evening sun, simply enjoying the sunset?

3. Manila, The Philippines

The other regional bookfair that I attended this year is also at the land of smiling people, who speaks with very cute English accents.

Was another huge fair though smaller than that of Bangkok's. But apart from the fair, I truly enjoyed the eye openers in this city (read: Manila.. Ooh La La!).

4. Taipei, Taiwan

The next destination - and my longest holiday in 2010.. cool Taipei! Just writing about it now bring back fond memories of this friendly city! (read: Taipei, I'm In Love With You!).

And just like the other destinations, there is always something new even though I've been here before. Like for example the hot dog above. Oh yeah, Taiwan is so open eh?

5. Sepang Gold Coast, Malaysia

I can now claim that I've been to the Gold Coast.. well, even if it is just the one in Sepang one! Haha! Just about an hour's drive from Kay El/ Pea Jay - this seems to be quite a decent destination - especially for its sunset and beach (yeah, you'd have had figured out by now that I love the beach lots, haha!).

This trip is much more memorable as it was my first time going out with my new business partners from Eleven Angles. We brainstormed a lil over the one night trip and did have some good care free fun! (felt so uni).

6. Singapore

How can I leave Singapore out? A destination that I've stayed for about 8 years, and a place that I forsee myself still going back often. Gone back a few times this year for both work and leisure.

It feels much more fun visiting the lion city now - as I treat it fully as a holiday destination.. visiting only the likes of Orchard Road and the city centre (yet to go to the integrated resorts!).

7. Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Ipoh has always been a pass by city for me (on the way to Penang). But interestingly, I made a one night stay-over in this city in November. More like a makan trip, I ate all the good food the city had to offer. And enjoyed the mee rebus and the dim sum most!

8. Jalan Jalan Selangor, Malaysia

While some people won't call these a holiday, but they are getaways for me. Shah Alam is like a different city altogether. Somewhat peaceful yet with some buzz. Btw I actually started knowing more about Shah Alam (which I initially thought was very far) because of the exhibitions we participated at the area.

My old favourite, and most likely my number one getaway is non other than Kuala Selangor. It's peaceful, and to my surprise, I found this spot with such a scenic sunset view. Definitely a place that I'd come back more often to relax the mind and get some inspiration.

And just recently, another town which I thought was far, is Klang. Went there just to eat the best mee hoon kuih ever. Now I know that Klang really ain't that far.. and definitely a place I'd come back for cheap & good food!

8. Jakarta, Indonesia

As I write this post, I've yet to land on this populous nation. Yes, I'm going for the New Year's Even holiday. And like the rest of the holidays, I'm expecting lots of fun & excitement, plus meeting many friendly folks!

Looking back at 2010, I may not have traveled as much as the 2 previous years. But still, with that 'little' travel, I truly enjoyed myself. And the fact that I visited my top 3 destinations this year - Thailand, Taiwan & the Philippines... that is enough to make me really happy.

For 2011, I hope to travel further. I've always wanted to visit USA & Japan, but I'd go with Japan first in 2011. I have hoped to visit this nation for a while now.. and I think it's time to make this a reality!

In 2011, I'll be cutting down on travel for business. But I forsee myself visiting some of my favourite destinations again for leisure (I can never get enough of Thailand, really). And likelihood much more of Selangor. And other parts of Malaysia & the region too.

And who knows, if my other wish come true, I'd be in Taiwan again - for a longer period this time round! :)


  1. Wow, you've certainly enjoyed your life so far! How nice...

    I wish to travel to those places too in the near future starting with Singapore. Hehe... :P

    Looking forward to your post on your new year's celebration in Jakarta. It'll be a blast! Have fun there and happy new year, QuaChee!

    Take care~ :))

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!! Enjoy the new year! : )

  3. Actually ah, Foh San dim sum isn't the best lah, especially since they're gone very commercial recently (take it from an Ipoh girl, LOL). Ming Court dim sum is better lah, and you can eat in peace without people eyeing your table, LOL.

    BTW, Ming Court is situated right opposite Foh San :D


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