Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bangkok Must Eat: Salt Coated Grilled Fish

Are you into good yet affordable seafood - BBQ style? If yes, then you will be glad to know about this place that I found by chance.

Just outside of Centralworld - just after where the shrine.. is a row of roadside stalls selling BBQ and grilled seafood!!

I know some tourists are not into roadside food, but I've eaten here many times and just keep coming back for more!

Seats can be hard to find during the peak dinner time. And many times me and my friends share the tables with other customers.

And it can get sweaty here too - cos of the crowd.

But don't let all these stop you from coming here and trying the grilled fish! The fish here are actually coated with salt and then BBQ-ed, with lemongrass. The skin is not to be eaten.

What I like about the fish here is that it's really tender. And well - delicious. The fish can be eaten as such (yes it's that good!) or added with some chilli sauces.

Apart from the fish, there's also other BBQ food like the grilled squid. Or even grilled chicken.

One can also order other non BBQ dishes like the vegetables. Eg the pak boong (aka water morning glory or aka kangkung) to go with the dishes or rice.

Or other dishes like omelette or even fresh prawn salad.

I understand that this is not the only place that sells such dishes but well - for a good price and convenience, this place is always a must visit when I go to Bangkok!!

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