Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crazy Movie Lines

Recently because of the upcoming productions, I'm rather tuned in to the my surroundings... and relate a lot of them to the movies.

One of them that I've been doing is to pay more attention to the daily quotes and observe the situations more closely, especially on human behaviours.

Better Than The Movies
Sometimes we laugh at how silly some movie lines can be... but well, they are in fact not far off from our daily lives.

"Wah, bunyi handphone dia tu... canggih lah" (Wow, his handphone sound... so modern lah).... a lady says to her friend when my phone rang in a public mall in Singapore. She spoke loud enough to her friend and all around to hear, including myself who was walking beside them.

Of course, I acted as if I didn't understood what they were saying - for I don't think she expected me to understand the statement lah.

In fact this is not new. I've done this a few times now - acting as if I don't understand a word uttered - most of the times laughing inside.

But once in a while, I do like to spring a surprise or two at times - answering back in the same language when they least expected.

This usually happens when at the counter for something and the people talk in a language they think you don't understand. I suggest you to try this if given the chance, as you'll get to then see the 'horror' look (plus the 'mata terbeliak' - popped eyes!). Lol.

Worst Movie Line
Another incident was also quite weird. I was filling up some lucky draw coupon with the pen I brought. Then someone wanted to borrow it to fill up his coupon, which of course I lent him.

But after he used it, he just asked "Do you need your pen back?" Huh - what a question... seriously, do one need to ask?

I would say if this goes into the movies, it will be in 'The top 10 worst movie lines ever!'

Beyond Lines

Well the next one is not so much about the line. Anyway, it happened the same time while filling up the coupons.

Someone came up and asked "That one what?". And before I know it, he tries to reach out to my coupons while I'm writing them. Again, huh?

These scenarios sure are kinda weird... and it really proves that Hollywood is not far off! Talk about bad lines - they are all around us.

One more thing - I'm not sure if these scenarios & lines can ever be used for the movies. But if ever it is used, I believe the disclaimer should then be "If ever any characters depicted resembles anyone, it is purely intentional"!

*How bout you? Have you had any such weird scenarios?


  1. Hey, what ringtone you use on your handphone? I want, because so canggih. LOL!

    How funny of that person who asked if you want your pen back. Hmm, maybe I should try this question when I borrow something from someone next time and watch that person's reaction. Haha!

    I've also done like what you did pretending not to understand what people say about me. Especially among not-so-close friends who knew I don't speak Mandarin. I do know some Mandarin words especially if they sound similar to Cantonese, so were they in for a surprise when I answered back! : )

  2. lol interesting read! Yes I had a 'mata terbeliak' moment one too many times. Love it ;) teaches ppl not to gossip! haha

  3. Sometimes life is even stranger than fiction. I understand the 3 major languages here in malaysia, but if someone is to bad mouth me in Hokkien I will be really defenseless haha

  4. Why not compile for real? Then published it in a book? :D

  5. Hmm...let me see...while I was working...clients tried to speak to me in malay/english...thinking that I am a malay/bumis or something...

    Then when I replied in their mother tounge-chinese, they kinda gimme that funny and embarassed look. They then replied, "You are a chinese ar?" Sorry! =)

  6. Hmm. No idea why nowadays I do not fancy cool ringtones anymore. To say that I am old enough, I do not think so. But just that I think cool ringtones make you look silly instead of basic one which make you look professional. It is depend I guess. Individual perspective I would say ;)

  7. Faisal, in a way you are right. But I prefer mp3 ringtones from latest popular songs with the original singers singing the songs. It also becomes a topic of conversation among friends and anyone who hears it. Easy way to make friends and sure help when you have nothing else to talk about with whoever you are with. Besides, it's good to know that I'm "in" with the latest songs and updates in the music industry. Haha!!

  8. @foongpc
    ah, so uve also experienced the same thing! quite funny at times heh :)

    yes, the best thing is to see their reactions! :)

    lol. agree, there's so many languages here in malaysia - and not knowing all can be a lil disadvantage at these moments :)

    oh, i actually did the same thing to some who i couldnt tell was from a certain race. i also got times when i assumed some were chinese when they were malay :)

    each to its own i guess :) i dont go for super loud ringtones, but something catchy. just to brighten up the mood of picking up the call haha :)

  9. @宝茹
    ya maybe i should once i have enough :) (seriously, this can be interesting haha)


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