Monday, November 10, 2008

Gong Li Is Singaporean!

We all know Singapore sustains itself by foreign talents... and now, one of the newest talent to cross over, and most possibly be the biggest star in the island city is non other than China born, Gong Li!

Yes, this famous actress has made Singapore home in heart! Not just being a PR, but she is now a Singaporean herself.

Wow, now Singapore can jolly well say they have Gong Li as their big star!

Interestingly, a few months back, I've read before in the Malaysian press (but not as a headline) that Jet Li has also made Singapore home - how true I don't know... yet to bump into him at the kopitiams haha.

This is way better than giving Datukships huh - which I believe the people will be more tolerant over :)

So come over to Singapore, and you'll see... stars! (who knows on the seat beside you!) :)

Full report.

*Could Michelle Yeoh or Zhang Zi Yi be next? :)


  1. oh god! tell its not true! Why should she be singaporean? sigh...

  2. No, Michelle yeoh should remain a malaysian. Ha =)

  3. If Michelle Yeoh becomes a Singaporean then it just proves how these big stars don't like Malaysia... haha.

    Or she'll follow Jean Todt? =X

  4. She looked gorgeous in "The Terracotta Warrior", a mandarin movie.

  5. There seems to be a hot debate in China about whether Gong Li is a traitor to the country or not. It's too bad China don't accept dual citizenships.

    I prefer Gong Li to Zhang Ziyi. In my opinion, she's the better actress. She looked really good in "Memoirs Of A Geisha" compared to Zhang Ziyi.

    As for Michelle Yeoh, I don't think she'll apply for Singapore citizenship.But talking about her, I have a friend who told me Michelle was her school class mate. I was really surprised cos my friend looked like a "si lai" or middle aged housewife, while Michelle look slim and although not exactly young, don't look like a "si lai" at all. Hope my friend don't read this!! : )

    I guess superstars really need to take care of their looks, don't they? Maybe go for botox or something. LOL

  6. Hey Qua Chee thanks for dropping by!!! I been to china town during the day but without my camera. i should have go there during the night when the lights are up! Yeah i heard bout the christmas lightin in sg! if I hae the chance i'll probably visit sg again :D

  7. Who cares what Gong Li's citizenship is? If she's happy then why not.

    But Michelle Yeoh should remain Malaysian. She endorses Malaysia's tourism! :D

    Jet Li's a Singaporean already too??

  8. @dallas
    lol. but she is! :)

    im sure many malaysians would agree with you :)

    i think michelle yeoh will remain malaysian. she has always said good things bout our country :)

    actually i like her acting in memoirs of geisha too :)

    better make sure yr friend dont see what you wrote! lol :)

    @Chee Wei
    yeah, come over and u might just see gong li!

    well i think the singaporeans and the prcs care :)

    on jet li, no i think its only a home :)


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