Saturday, June 28, 2008

Taiwan Seafood

As we first arrived in Taipei, Taiwan, we headed straight to have dinner in one rather small unassuming restaurant (from the outside).

And apparently, we are lucky on that day, as it was raining, hence, we got a table despite a last minute walk-in. Usually the restaurant only accepts reservations.

Seafood Display
Entering this restaurant, we are greeted with a row of aquariums, all displaying the many seafood. It was quite a sight of different seafood. I know we have this back home too, but these aquariums always amuse me in some small way :)

taiwan food, seafood, aquarium

Go close enough, and it seems like I'm diving in the sea of aquarium.

taiwan food, seafood, crab
The crabs - all tied up from escaping!

<br />taiwan food, seafood, lobster
The lobsters - free & easy in their aquarium

We get to choose the seafood we want to order, and then they will weigh it immediately.

taiwan food, seafood, weigh crab
Let The Food Begin
We were first served with this appetiser which were clams & spicy sauce accompanying it.

taiwan food, seafood, clam
We were then treated to all the lovely & delicious fresh main course seafood. Those we saw from the aquarium start being served to our table...

<br />taiwan food, seafood, fresh lobsters
The fresh lobster - this was lovely!

<br />taiwan food, seafood, crabs
The crab cooked with duck egg - tasty! Actually the egg was like the highlight here

taiwan food, seafood, fried oyster
Fried oysters - similar to that back home, but less starch (still prefer the ones back home, though these were fresh!) :)

taiwan food, seafood, bee-hoon seafood soup
We also had a try of this lovely bee-hoon soup which apparently is a popular Taiwan dish

Beyond Seafood
Apart from seafood, this Taiwan seafood restaurant also serves the other poultries like beef.

taiwan food, beef
The beef was grilled & served with raw garlic & pepper. Love garlics - yummy!

<br />taiwan food, seafood, vegetable
We also had the chance to eat this kind of 'watermelon' vegetable, which is in season now (we ate a lot of this throughout this trip). This is also one of Taiwan's favourite dishes.

This restaurant is actually the start of our Taiwan food gourmet, introducing us to the Taiwan Chinese food. And it was a good start.

As we were hosted so much, we also did taste many other Taiwanese food in the other Chinese restaurants. However, this restaurant will remain memorable for its tasty & fresh seafood, and it being our first.

Also, it has a name one will not forget - Fei Zhang Hao Chi! :)

More unique Taiwanese food coming up next!


  1. lobster spotted !! it is definitely in my list. haven't got a chance to try it yet, n i'm aiming for it. ;)

    poor things, watching them being trapped in the aquarium was kinda sad. but having them laid on the meal table, it was .. Happiness that i see !! :D

  2. omg i love seafood! so yummy. the lobster looks really nice.

  3. levian, mystica

    ya, its quite poor thing to see them look at us... especially those restaurants serving frogs.

    but anyway, yes, the lobsters were delicious :)


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