Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unique Toilet

Have you been into a toilet with animals looking at you? Well not the real animals, but man-made animal sculptures all over. I did recently at this fantasy theme park, Phuket Fantasea.

Yes, this place really leaves no stone uncovered, decorating everything up to even the toilets! It really made one feel close to... animals in the farm.

This is a sneak peak of what's inside.

unique toilet - cow
Greeted by the cow

unique toilet - toilet entrance
A walk into the farm entrance

Cows & More Cows
Yes, it's a toilet filled with cows, alrite.

unique toilet - urinals
Even the urinals greet you with cows

unique toilet - cow hand-dryer
The cow hand-dryer

And look at the sinks:
unique toilet - sink
The water come out from the 2 nostrils of the cows. Ok, there's chicken and cat too

unique toilet - gold sink
Unique gold sinks - inspired by the tiger

Truly, this is one unique toilet and seems to be an attraction itself. They sure are creative! :)

Coming up next: What is even more unique to Thailand.


  1. Nowadays, creative interior design in toilets are really good for user.
    The unique way to promote art.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Very nice toilet full of cows. Great place to go if you want to erm...milk yourself dry haha

  3. Very nice. But if it's humans instead of cows, I'll feel a little uncomfortable : )

  4. Nice one. But I can't pee in such toilet. It's way too scary. Mine is classic type like toilets in casino, these are going to pull my pee back. LOL.

  5. Wow.. that's cool! I've never been into such a beautiful and creative toilet before (of course I haven't because it's a male toilet!)
    Btw, how is the ladies?

  6. wow tats very unique. never saw anything like that before. simply amazing.

  7. coolingstar9

    act ur right - toilets can be a good venue to promote the arts :)

  8. acura
    haha - what a statement :)

    oh luckily they weren't humans!

    understand. but its not that bad i guess(?)

    the ladies not good enough reso to upload (no, i didnt go in there in case u were wondering hehe)

    mystica & 宝茹
    yes, this unique toilet sure is a showcase & must-see of the place itself

  9. Who create this is such an artist! Hope someone create something like this on our place but with phenolic toilet partitions. For people feel safe.


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