Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Taipei Grand Hotel

Can a hotel be a tourist destination? Well, in Taipei, Taiwan, yes, it can.

This seem rather weird to me at first - we passed by this huge building along the way from the airport to the city. It didn't really get my attention apart from being rather huge & grand even from afar.

But anyway, like many other tourists to Taiwan, we too made our stop to this grand hotel in Taipei! The name of the hotel already sounds big (& grand) already - yes, it's named The Grand Hotel!

A Grand Welcome
This grand hotel entrance exudes a strong welcome - its huge arches & big garden before the hotel building itself.

taipei grand hotel, taiwan - entrance

Usually, one can ride all the way up to the building, or alternatively take a walk up the stairs to the main building of the grand hotel.

taipei grand hotel, taiwan - grand steps
From the building of the hotel overlooking the entrance

Dragon Palace
Apparently, the facade of the hotel is covered with dragons - up to 200000 of them! Wow! Even the roof top ends have golden dragons... and that is why this grand hotel is sometimes referred to as the Dragon Palace.

taipei grand hotel, taiwan - building

taipei grand hotel, taiwan - building exterior with dragon

Inside The Hotel
Just before the lobby is the intricate ceilings.
taipei grand hotel, taiwan - ceiling
Similar to the old China monuments ceilings

Next, walking into the hotel comes the lobby with its high ceiling & still intricate walls. It does really seems a lil too ehem... grand!
taipei grand hotel, taiwan - grand lobby

And there is also the big grand (yes, grand again) stairs going to Level 2. This is suitable for grand dinners (emphasis on the grand) with red carpets & all. It should glitter quite a lot at night, especially as this hotel is used a lot by the Taipei government for dinner functions.

taipei grand hotel, taiwan - grand stairs

Also at the lobby, are some art displays for sale.
taipei grand hotel, taiwan - art

The Stories
Actually what makes this grand & majestic hotel a landmark icon of Taipei is the many stories behind the things in the hotel.

Amongst them, the phoenix-dragon plum flower plafond which is for good luck. This is located at the ceiling of the lobby. It is eye catching and one can take time to admire the huge and intricate details of the 5 dragons + 16 phoenixes.
taipei grand hotel, taiwan - plum flower plafond
5 dragons surrounding 1 dragon ball

Further inside is a golden dragon. This is actually a significant structure at the Dragon Temple Hall - being over 100 years old. Apparently, the dragon is the remain from the Japanese god temple which was built before the hotel.

taipei grand hotel, taiwan - golden dragon

And one more interesting thing at this hotel is that it is supposed to have many poisonous snakes at the back of the hotel, many of these being left behind by the Japanese after their defeat during the WW2.

However, today, it just seems such a beautiful place to see Taipei's city view.

taipei grand hotel, taiwan - taipei view

Btw, we didn't see any snakes, but a praying mantis instead.

taipei grand hotel, taiwan - praying mantis

There are many other interesting facts about this landmark icon of Taipei & no wonder it becomes a tourist landmark like the 2 secret underground passageway. Really this hotel is amusing & amazing!

*Surprisingly, this grand hotel, built in 1952 is a non-profit organisation. However, one is to pay normal hotel rates or in fact rather grand rates here. If one do not stay here, I still suggest a visit to to see this majestic icon specially built for Taiwan! :)

Coming up next: Another grand icon of Taipei!



  1. Quachee,
    I have been to Taiwan to visit my sibling but did not notice The Grand Hotel; it's a shame.

    Oh yes, I have an award for you which can be picked up from my blog. Congrats.

  2. hi jesie

    oh, its actually on the way to the city. nevermind, its a good excuse to go back haha. its such a nice place, really :)

    *on the award, thank u :)

  3. Thanks for the nice pictures and posts about Taiwan. :) I really enjoyed them. I went to Taiwan before already, and it was nice to see familiar places once again. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  4. oh my !! this is actually a hotel. at first glance, i thought it's a temple. impressive that it actually felt like royalty within the building. :D

  5. I always wanted to visit Taiwan especially Taipei the capital. Nice photos over there, the hotel is really something....

  6. Oriental Hotel in Bangkok is also a tourist destination. And in Las Vegas, the top end hotels double as casinos.

  7. 宝茹
    i guess that means taiwan is a good destination - for a tourists to have fond memories of a place :)

    ya, it looks rather grand - a lil bit like a monument! :)

    i really suggest taiwan as a holiday destination. it really has built itself to be quite modern yet retaining its rather traditional past :) & the ppl are super wonderful & friendly!

    thanks for info - heard bout these that u mentioned, though not visited there yet :)


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