Friday, June 06, 2008

This Is Thailand

If you are a tourist to Thailand, more likely than not you will visit one of the many shrines or temples the country is known for. Apart from its bustling Bangkok city or beaches, these peaceful temples are another picture-perfect image of Thailand.

So, while I was in Phuket, I too made a tourist visit to some of its unique Wats (temples).

Half Buried Buddha At
Wat Phratong

From the outside of the temple, it seems like the usual temple.

wat phratong temple

However, this Gold Buddha temple is simply unique with its legend of a half-buried Buddha (or half protruding Buddha). This must-see attraction in Thailand, endorsed by the Tourism Authority has a legend that no one is to unearth the Buddha to avoid any misfortune.

half buried buddha, wat phratong, phuket
The half buried Buddha

Halfway through, many tourists - Thais and foreign came over and made some prayers.

joss stick, wat phratong, phuket
There were no minimum charge for the joss sticks, just a donation

wat phratong, phuket, pray
The Thais kneeling down to pray - none actually stood praying

Uniquely, each person who prayed also got the tiny rectangular gold coloured paper, which is to put onto the Buddha statues, colouring them in Gold (gum is provided to paste the paper).

wat phratong, buddha

wat phratong, sleeping buddha

What I like about this Buddha temple, in fact all temples is how peaceful they are. We could just sit down and relax for its tranquility.

wat phratong temple, phuket

And that included while waiting for the car which broke down right in front of the temple. It was quite a surprise, as it just stopped suddenly just when we arrived.

wat phratong temple
Car being repaired

We were not sure what caused it, guessing maybe we parked too near the temple (at the front door in fact, as we didn't know at first). But then again, we also thought it could be a good blessing as the car stopped at a peaceful place that is near the car rental office and at a good weather time, and luckily not the day we were leaving for airport.

Truly, visiting this temple was a memorable one - and one of the many reasons why I like Thailand :)

More to come: 2 more unique temples in Phuket!


  1. did you join in the prayers?? or give any offerings to the monks?

    besides that, i love thai food, beau & thongchai :D

  2. Best Architecture . Thailand. Thanks you for Good Stuff.


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