Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Phuket Fantasy Fantasea!

Once in Phuket, one will definitely know about its fantasy theme park and night show - the Phuket Fantasea. Throughout the island, there are so many billboards, ticket agents and fliers reminding others to watch the performance, making it something that a visitor simply cannot miss... or would just want to watch. Yes, it's wonderful marketing!

Anyway, this night cultural themepark or I would call it, Phuket Disneyland, is one of the must do things recommended & even been awarded Best Attraction by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. So, just like the many other Asian or Caucasian tourists to Phuket, we too took the opportunity to go see this show.

Arrive 2 Hours Early
Tickets were a lil pricey at 1500 baht, which we bought through one of the ticketing agents. Surprisingly, she mentioned we should be 2 hours before the show start time - us wondering why, but we did as told anyway.

But our question marks were answered upon arriving... the entrance itself showed this theme park like welcome - kinda fantasy, literally. Yes, it was photo time and they had wanted us to immerse in 'their made up fantasy'.

thailand, phuket fantasea - entrance
A fantasy like welcome

Just like us, the other visitors spent quite a fair bit of time at the entrance snapping away.

Know The Souvenir Maker
As we entered, we were treated with much more - basically a walk through the Thai shopping of Thai handicrafts. These was quite a refreshing walk as the stalls were neatly placed and not so cluttered like how most handicrafts shops are.

Most stalls have the artists doing their jobs hands-on on the spot, so one can understand what goes behind all these handwork products. Though we most likely know the process, but still, it was a nice gesture to know who are doing your souvenirs! :)

thailand, phuket fantasea - artist, hand painted tshirt
This guy does hand painted T-shirts mainly of elephants - each T-shirt is unique by its own!

thailand, phuket fantasea - glass maker
Glass handicraft maker

thailand, phuket fantasea - handicraft, soap carving
I've always seen these beautiful carved soaps - now I see it done live - lots of hardwork!

thailand, phuket fantasea - handicraft, wood carving
He works on an elephant up to 1 week sometimes - wow!

More To Sea
The shopping area is rather huge and we really spent a lot of time there. But there were more to see beyond that... which really was a walk through a fantasy theme park. It had the atmosphere and the mood, not cheapo, but something quite well done.

thailand, phuket fantasea - amusement decoration

thailand, phuket fantasea - fantasy decoration
The other amusement & bright decorations at the themepark

thailand, phuket fantasea - shadow play
There is even the shadow-play (wayang kulit)

Mini Zoos
It also promotes two mini like zoo - one is the tiger zoo, called Tiger Jungle Adventure. The name is a lil far-fetched as its basically tigers put into a glass panel.

thailand, phuket fantasea - tiger jungle adventure

thailand, phuket fantasea - tiger
Kinda pitiful for the tigers being caged in all concrete

The other zoo showcase some birds & reptiles and is quite nicely decorated. Its entrance is quite something - butterfly ceiling illuminated with glow-in-the-dark lights.

thailand, phuket fantasea - butterfly

A Big Welcome
Walking through the theme park, we nearly forgot about the main reason we were there - the show! But before that, again to the entrance, a big & rather grand welcome.

thailand, phuket fantasea - theatre entrance

thailand, phuket fantasea - elephant
The theatre from the outside

We really spent 2 hours around its shopping & theme park, that it was just time to enter the theatre.

No Cameras, Please
I was wondering wow, they really are pretty strict here. We had to give our phones to the ushers for safe-keeping. That is quite a lot of work for them as there are nearly 3000 guests each time. So, line up & queued we did handing over our valuables.

It actually wasn't so much for not taking photo during the show, but also because just along the way to our seats, the animals for the show were lined up for photo-taking which is to be paid.

Here, I actually touched an elephant (there were actually a row of them). It was nice, but I could feel the elephant was kinda sad seeing through its eyes - usually these performing animals are. Sigh.

Let The Show Begin
The show is a cultural one, aptly titled Fantasy Of A Kingdom Show. There were clowns, magic show, cultural dances and also acrobats (who performed from the ceilings above the audience). Clearly, the animals were the main performers - from elephants to even chicken and birds (yes, they were all on stage running about). They were well trained - none ran to the audience lol! :)

To get a picture, this show is a lil similar to one extent to the one in Bangkok - the Siam Niramit.

So, after hours of fun & entertainment, the show came to an end. It was really a fun night in a fantasy world. Now, this is quite world class! :)

*I just hope that the animals could be made happier - they are afterall the main attraction.

Coming Up Next: One more unique thing about Phuket Fantasea (this one, you must see to believe!)


  1. how are they supposed to monitor the number of handphones kept by them..... i'm sure travellers nowadays wld own one each.

    thai's tourism events / spots are definitely much much better than m'sia. m'sia has a lot but not taken care properly.

    now federal govt is punishiing those opposition states by withdrawing tourism grants to these states. what nonsense. the federal govt wld rather see the states rot than allow the opposition govts to take the honour

  2. looks like its really fun over there.. makes me wanna go to Phuket now! *jealous*

  3. 1500 bath for all activities in Phuket Fantasea iz?
    Ooop, no camera allowed, then no photos for sweet memory.

  4. hi johnny

    they were surprisingly efficient lol. as most ppl just exchange phone with a tag no. but i insisted on us to itemised our items - this took them time.

    and on fed gov & msia states, we need to see more reports in the coming weeks & months i guess. cant verify the fumds/ grants part on to the opp states - lets just hope for a wholesome msia to be promoted :)

  5. hf & amei79

    yes, phuket is quite fun actually - even if it looks pretty close to msia. and this fantasea was quite something :)

    yes 1500 baht for the show/ person :) u cant take any photos during showtime, which is ok i guess - the outside like these photos are quite nice already - can spend quite a lot of time :)

  6. Great post. Finding ideas to write about is one of the hardest things about running a blog.


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