Tuesday, October 08, 2013

My Manila Souvenirs (Because I'm Batman)

Mabuhay! I was back in the Philippines.. well, Manila to be exact!

This was a random trip which I took while I was on my break between jobs. I visited mostly familiar places - and the one thing I did was mall-ing. 

I visited the big Mall of Asia.. which I now kinda know my way around. And the one place I went straight - to the SM departmental store tshirt segment. 

Waiting in queue to try my shirts. Holiday is the one time when queues don't matter. 
Truly, I was like a kid walking into the candy store for me. There were lots of cool superheroes tees, and I chose 3 of them! Doesn't matter that this was at the teenage segment!

It's not all Batman.. got myself some Superman tee too :)

But, that's not the only souvenirs I got from Manila. I did buy a fair bit of other stuff.. which I've compiled in this video below. 

Owh, and btw, yes.. I caped up as Batman just for this video! :)

*I'm relaunching my videos.. and started a new youtube channel. Do subscribe me there (at Teddy Ben TV), if you like my video.. for there will be more costumes/ cosplay and other fun videos coming along! :D

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