Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yo, I Can Rap Y'all! (AutoRap App Review)

Have you ever thought that those rappers are cool? Or when you go sing karaoke, and just keep silent when the rap parts comes up?

Well, now, we all can be rappers. And you don't even need to train your voice. Or spend money at a  recording studio. Instead, all you need to do is to download the Autorap app. Yes, it's that simple!

What this app allows is for users to either 'rap' or 'talk' and the app will automatically convert your voice into ... a proper rap!

And beats wise, there are plenty to choose from - from the Freestyle version (by 'unkown'/lesser known artistes) or the Premium ones (by known artistes & songs you've heard before - like Nicky Minaj, 2Pac, Eminen, etc etc!).

Anyway, I went to try it out.. and here are a few raps I got!

PS: I was on my bed, late at night when I talked to the phone!! :)

1. Hey Pretty Girl using Turkey Burgers beat.
2. Catch No Grenade using Charger beat.
3. Catch No Grenade using Under When It's Over beat.
4. Catch No Grenade using OneOneOne beat. (love this most)

*These are my own lyrics which I actually wrote for my project Summer Love: KL! (and the song Me & You).

So, you see, we too can be rappers. What ya say? Hehe.

Btw, while I do love the app, but the downside to the AutoRap App is:
1. To get extra 'plays' & raps, one has to buy them. Or alternatively, there are ways to get them for 'free'. But you have to sign up to other sites or make purchases on other of the recommended estores. Now, because of this, I've yet to try rapping with the Premium beats. 

2. I cant find the embed code to link the raps I made (eg to put it on my blog here). Instead I can only link it back to their site. 

3. The share function on Facebook & Twitter isn't working. That ain't really social. If this is a problem, and if it gets fixed, it will helped make this app even bigger & more popular!

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