Friday, July 27, 2012

Tadaa... Our 1st Episode! (Summer Love: KL!)

Hey peeps, it's UP! Yes, it's UP!!! :D

Summer Love: KL! has finally seen the light of day!

Here is the 1st episode with the full cast - Lez Ann, Mikael Silvador, Sheena Liam, Mei Sze, Fufu, Wafa... and myself! Hehe!

Owh btw, apart from the main leads in the series, we have also invited 4 other people to join. Bloggers - Ken Wooi, Eric Lee and his gf Caroline May Ling. They played themselves here. Owh, there's Eunice too - who is the youngest cast of them all :)

The main sponsors for the 1st Episode are:
1. Konji International - for makeup & hair
2. Dummyclozett - for fashion wear for Tiffany (Lez Ann)

Btw, to be honest, I thought Episode 1 is not our strongest.. ! But still, do feel free to comment & feedback to us (just not abusive) :)

And yeah, do help spread the word!!! And stay tune for Episode 2 next Wednesday, 1 August 2012! :D

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  1. Yo Bro.. Afro Aki here.. U r too natural la Bro.. I mean, that's great.. That's your strongest point but the other cast look like makin it up only.. Nice story btw.. Keep it up.. ^_^.v..


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