Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Owh Hey, Summer Love!

Lovely, sweet, sexy and .... naughty! Well, that's what me & my friends wants to achieve in our webseries... Summer Love: KL!

And with that in mind, we have aligned our teasers the same way too! Have you watched them yet? If not, well, here are teasers 3-5!


Btw, an update on what's been happening since my last update. We have been busy with the 3 original songs for our series.

The first one is the main theme - aptly titled "Summer Love"! This is an upbeat & uplifting song that is a lil dreamy.. (did I mention, I wrote the lyrics hehe).

Anyway, we have done a few rehearsals with the award winning choir group, Naturally Vocal (this group has won in various choir competitions). A very lively bunch, they are!

This was done about 2 weekens ago. It was the first time I was in the recording studio, to produce a song! I think it is the same for many of the singers from the group too plus also my other partners. 

The studio experience could have been better tho (about that another time), but that didn't stop us from having fun. The lively spirit of the group saw this through. 

The other 2 songs are still in the progress. The sad song "Remember The Time" (yeah, the song finally has a name rather than just being called "sad song") is already halfway recorded. We have had a few rehearsals and went into the studio yesterday for our recording session (this btw is another studio than the 1st :) ). 

The musicians, singers & us (from left to right: me, Ben CMX, Kenneth, Terry, Kim, Eunice, Arico)  in the rehearsal for Remember The Time. It has been quite a heavy session of rehearsals, but not without its fun!
But because this song is a lil heavier, with live music instruments recording, it took us much longer than we have expected. So even after 230am, we have yet to record the vocals of the song. And we are looking at going back again tomorrow to the studio to record the lead vocals (by Kim) and the back up vocals by Eunice next Tuesday. 

The singers Juno & Ken with composer Ben CMX. 
Now, we also have a kpop inspired song (as per our Teaser 2). For that we have 2 guys to sing the song - Ken & Juno. Kinda like the mix of their vocals which suits the kpop style of the song. 

We have done a few rehearsals and have wanted to record the song this week. But alas, Juno has a sorethroat, so obviously the best choice would be to postpone the recording till next week. 

Well, so that's what has been happening behind the scenes for Summer Love: KL! Really, lots of 'blood & sweat', or more so lots of late nights, creative thoughts, people & time management and learning too along the way. 

In any case, all looks good for a premier of the series this month (keeping fingers crossed!). Yay!

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