Friday, September 26, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 18: Galaxie Review

malaysia book review

One more review came up for the 50+1 Malaysia book. Rather positive as well :)

Thank you Galaxie!

*This appeared in the September 16-30 issue.


  1. Wow! Good for you! : ) I used to subscribe to Galaxie, not anymore cos now older - not too much into stars and posters. But have to admit Galaxie is one of the better entertainment magazine out there!

  2. Congrats another positive review for you. Looks like the book is being well received by all. All the best to you ^~^

  3. the book is good. full of info and love the great pictures inside. i'm glad that i bought one for me.

  4. Quachee,
    Wow, you are great, you have done a lot for people, readers.
    Well done, see you at the top, best wishes from coolingstar9.

  5. Good for you! All those fave reviews! Selling like hot cakes?

    P.S. When will the competition results be known?

  6. @foongpc
    agree, galaxie is quite a nice mag! ive been reading it since teenager too. now, whenever im back, ill get it, to get the info on the entertainment scene :)

    thank you. im glad the reviews came out good :)

    @amir fuad
    thank you! btw, selamat hari raya to u :)

    thank you for the support. really glad you enjoyed it. our objective achieved! - ie to make it a book for malaysians to enjoy too :)

    thanks for yr wishes... very complimenting haha :)

    apparently its doing alrite in kl. but there are some distribution issues which we have to overcome as well (maybe ill share more on this someday - about the book business!).

    ps: the winners are on the site. te competition is continuos, but for the first batch, the closing is 30 september. so, we'll be sending you & the rest a book soon.

    btw, thanks for yr feedback which we'll look into for our future works :)

  7. I received your 50+1 Malaysia book, QuaChee. Thanks so much.


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