Thursday, September 11, 2008



It's the time of the year to indulge once again (actually it seems like there's always a reason to indulge all year round huh).

Anyway, it's one of my favourite times of the year, as one of my most craved food - the mooncakes are here! Hooray to the Mid Autumn Festival/ Mooncake Festival! (Lantern Festival?).

mooncake, raffles mooncake

I remember last time when younger, I was all into the lian yong mooncakes. Well, they are still nice and I do chump on them as well.

But ever since I was introduced to the champagne snow skin moooncakes, they somehow are no. 1 on my taste buds now.

So while every year, I do buy the lian yong mooncakes, I do also make sure I get this most 'prized' mooncake - yes, the famous Raffles Hotel mooncakes!


Prices have somewhat gone up this year, and the mooncakes are now pricier (the priciest ever) - we are talking about $6 for a small piece or so.

But like many mooncake lovers, I must still get some ('die die must try!)... yes, queue or no queue! (haha, I know this sounds kinda kiasu).

mooncake, champagne

I was 'worried' I wouldn't be able to try the mooncakes this time round as I've been traveling a bit... but, lucky me - as a few days back I managed to sinfully indulge in the round cakes.

And yes, it tastes just like what I expected - soft texture, melt in your mouth, and simply delicious.

Another round? :)

*The champagne mooncakes may look plain from the outside, but don't be fooled for within it, this mooncake is simply delicious! And my family agrees too. In fact, one of my Malaysian friend even asks about it... ! (really, it is quite popular).

*The Mid Autumn Festival has a special place within me as well, not just because of mooncakes, but because during uni, I was in the play on the Mooncake story - yes, playing non other than Chang Er! lol.

Btw, any of you cook your own mooncakes? :)


  1. Oh so this is the famous Raffles mooncakes. Look delicious!! I love mooncakes. :D

  2. Oh so this is the famous Raffles mooncakes. Look delicious!! I love mooncakes. :D

  3. What a coincidence, I got my post up today too.

    Wow! The mooncake looks so yummy! Melts in the mouth, you say? I can imagine it.

    Prices go up every year. :(
    But, no Mid-Autumn Festival goes by without them, right?

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you, QC.

  4. I'd many mookcakes this month. Well, the mooncake in the picture is special. I don't cook mooncake but my mom does. I'm looking forward mom-made mooncake. :) Yummy.. :)

  5. Wow, champagne snow skin moooncakes? From the name one can really know how classy it is! Damm, can you deliver some one to me? You got my address right? Ha =)

  6. from the packaging itself we know it must taste great :)

  7. Looks really delicious... make my mouth watering only...

  8. This mooncake can only be found in Melaka? I like it when you say it melts in the mouth. I like mooncake that melts in the mouth. Yummy!

  9. Ooohh! I have tasted this special mooncakes. [the cheaper version. :P] Snow cakes!!

    It's so delicate to the lips and tongue! :)

  10. @cc,
    ah so u know about these mooncakes too hehe

    thanks for the greetings :) ya, without these mooncakes just dont feel rite.

    wow, u sure are lucky! would love to see them :)

    u r a mooncake fan too heh :)

    ya the packaging got class. though ive seen some even more 'keng' packaging. like one given to me last year came in a teapot box! no kidding!

    hope u have a good mooncake festival :) (and glad u like the pics - its really good haha)

    only in singapore haha. of course, unless we bring it back. and yes, it really just melts - better than ice cream! :)

    hey, ur another mooncake fan i can see! :)

  11. Oh, you did mention Raffles! From Singapore of course! Well, too bad can't taste it. maybe next year, I go down to Singapore during the mooncake festival : )

  12. AH..maybe next year i will be able to taste it!

  13. Been too busy to buy any mooncakes this year. i didn't realise how much i have missed till i saw these pics. Wonder how Raffles Hotel deal with their leftover mooncakes?


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