Monday, September 15, 2008

Malaysia Day

september 16, malaysia day

Malaysia has already officially celebrated its 50+1 (51st) National Day/ Merdeka this 31 August.

But another important date for Malaysia is this 16 September - also known as Malaysia Day - the day when Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak & Singapore come together as one nation in 1963 (Singapore has since become independent from 1965).

There are lots of debates about this special day - from whether Malaysia should declare it as a national public holiday to whether Malaysia is really 51 years old.

I'm not taking sides, but would just like to wish all Malaysians a Happy Malaysia Day :)


  1. Happy Malaysia Day to you too & don't forget your roots!!

  2. i thought it wa ssupposed to b holiday today here in Sarawak :(

  3. Happy Malaysia Day! Come back now to Malaysia. Ha =)

  4. Oops! I'm one day late, but Happy Malaysia Day to you and all Malaysians all the same! I think 16th Sept should be made a public holiday. And Malaysians should celebrate from 31st Aug till 16th Sept. Or it's just my excuse to have more holidays and celebrations! LOL

  5. @raymond
    thank you. yes, once malaysian, always malaysian :)

    @beng beng
    it wasn't? i thought it was/ is every year?

    ya, actually i was in malaysia for malaysia day haha

    ya, actually yr idea of celebrating till 16 sept is good. it is afterall an important date in malaysian history :)


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