Monday, December 07, 2009

A Little Bit Of Christmas

Think December and we usually think of something cool... for me, it's usually snow. But well snow is quite impossible (or near impossible in Boleh land)...

However, that doesn't mean Decmeber in the tropics need to be boring. There's still something else to look forward to this time of the year... and there's nothing better than icy cold dessert! (Oh, I just love cold with cold!).

christmas dessert drinkIf you like me who like icy cold dessert (not to mention yummy), then try My Honymoon Dessert. I chanced on this in KL recently.

honeymoon dessert klIt's interesting - for it's such a coincidence of me finding this place in the month December. I came across the shop by chance - first for its ambiance (it has this cosy atmosphere as if one is in the bookstore)... and then I fell in love with its drinks!

christmas drinkI managed to have similar desserts when I was overseas: mango + coconut!)

honyemoon dessertSo now, even without that snow, at least I'm going to be having a chilly good time this December! haha :)

*I've been on a lookout for a good dessert shop in Malaysia ever since being smitten by the icy cold desserts in the Chinese cities (eg. Xiu Liu Shan (HK), the RBT (China/ HK) ). I think I finally found it! :)


  1. The desserts sure look yummy! And nice ambience! Now I'm going to blame you because I shall be visiting this place myself and indulge and putting on weight!!

  2. niceee, which brand you go to??
    How is mango and coconut taste like??

  3. Yummy desserts enjoyed in a great place with cool ambiance. I wanna go there too. :)

  4. Thanks for the link, QC. The desserts on their site sure look yummy. Glad they'd be opening more outlets.

  5. The desserts look pretty tempting so I better get out of your blog now before I crave for those....not allowed to have a taste of those now =(

  6. It's been snowing in some parts here in Taiwan...

    Yet I went to have ice dessert!


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