Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Snowing In KL?

snow kl
Heard about the recent rumour that KL is going to have snow? Frankly, I laughed off when I first heard it... but then, nothing seems that impossible in Boleh land right? haha :)

*Personally, I would have loved to see snow right in downtown Kuala Lumpur! That would have made world news, alrite! But anyway, I've got another way to celebrate Christmas in the tropics! That's up next!


  1. yeah.. go to genting or cameron =p or mount kinabalu...

  2. I'm dreaming of a White KL! (sing to the tune of "White Christmas") Haha!

    Wow! You are really getting me into a very Christmassy mood now. I'm constantly listening to Christmas songs to heighten the mood : )

  3. Gentings would be a fun place to be during Christmas and New Year's.

  4. If it really snows, foong will get his white christmas. :D

    Oh hell, some people at my office did take the e-mail circulating about the snow seriously.

  5. Hi! Just sneaked around here after reading foong's post! Both of you witnessed the "snow" there and bumped at each other! What a small world!


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