Saturday, December 19, 2009

My My, Malaysia

I've mentioned the game we were playing... and one of the questions is "Where would he/ she retire?".

malaysia flagIt's interesting to see that the response has been anything but Malaysia (well except for 1 friend who likes her hometown lots). But as for the rest, the grass seems way greener on the other side...

And it just gets me wondering...

klcc convention centreIs our capital city, Kay El, with its sister city, Pea Jay not cool enough as compared with the other international cities? Could the fact be overcrowding & having too much jam be a push factor to retire elsewhere?

malaysia nature, gua charasAnd while our nature is attracting tourists, but could the too sunny & sometimes rather humid weather just makes the chill-er countries a better option for retirement?

malaysia beach, langkawiOr if one chooses to retire on the islands, then why not in our resort islands, known for its picture perfect beaches? Is the culture in our islands lacking compared to the other well known resort islands in the region? Or that our islands seem lacking in night life to the more open minded islands overseas?

malaysia food, kl hokkien meeAnd if all else fail, couldn't the one thing Malaysians love about Malaysia - the ever available & delicious food... not be a strong enough factor for Malaysians to retire at home?

*Could these other factors also make Malaysians migrate - the education system, the too multi cultural country, the ever 'colourful' politics, the public transportation system, the safety, etc, etc...?

How about you? Where would you want to retire? And why?


  1. tanjung malim, malaysia... why? that's where i was brought to this world =p

  2. Despite the grass seeming to be greener on the other side, I still want to live and retire in Malaysia. I love Malaysia!!

    I don't want to talk about the negative points of Malaysia although there are many! Cos when you dwell on the negatives, that's what you get! Prefer to look at the positive side! : )

    And the positives about Malaysia are...
    1. lots of really great food!

    2. no serious natural disaster eg.earthquake, volcano, tsunami, typhoon, tornado, blizzard, etc etc (except landslide which is mostly preventable)

    3. no extreme weather - neither too hot or too cold

    4. comfortable living environment especially in PJ!

    5. lots of shopping malls and parks to visit for leisure or entertainment.

    6. unlimited opportunities to make money and do business.

    7. plenty of night life in PJ and KL.

    8. broadband connection (even if they sometimes sucks!)

    9. going towards developed nation status which means we are living in exciting times!

    10. multi races and cultures make Malaysia one of the most interesting nation in the world!

  3. This is a difficult question. I am nowhere anywhere near retirement age. But my desire would be to retire in a place where I feel at home. There is no place like home.

  4. I'm with Mei. Doesn't matter if the place is not where I was born, if the place feels home to me, I wanna retire there.

  5. In the olden days people would retire to the place they were born. Now with the world as a small global village..people have more choices. It depends on many factors...and one is money.

    I have friends who own boats and they sail around the world. Their home is the sea!

    One cousin bought her own house next to her best friend in another town! To our shock!

    For me I have been retired a year or so...but still wait and see...

    Aren't we lucky we have choices?

    Good question.

  6. Malaysia, naturally! And, it has to be the city, so Kuala Lumpur it is. Love the hustle and bustle of the city. Anytime! I'm a city-girl, can't you tell? haha..

  7. Btw, love the second shot - the twin towers. Great colors.


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