Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Little Bit About The Cast... Vanessa Hee

This is definitely one long overdue post.... I've already written on the other 2 Little Nyonyas and now comes the last but not least, Vanessa Hee!

little nyonya, vanessa heeVanessa comes across as the girl-next-door... very sweet & charming. We saw her profile - like it, but one more deciding factor is her determination (she took the effort to meet up & also sent us some audition tapes). So yes, she was in!

big bibik & little nyonyasWe like Vanessa for her demure & sweet look - exactly what we were looking for for the 3rd Nyonya... someone who can 'sweeten' the spice of the other 2 characters.

little nyonya vanessa heeVanessa did well on that, both on set & off. In fact, she can pull off like a Little Nyonya Princess - very demure & ladylike... Bibiks would definitely find her a suitable daughter-in-law!

vanessa hee jeanette awAnd with Justin's styling, she does resemble very close to one of Singapore's most popular actress at the moment, Jeanette Aw. And we say, Awwww!

vanessa hee nyonya kebayaBut of course, although flattered, like most artistes, resemblance is one thing they'd like to be known for...

vanessa heeApart from having the cool sweet looks, Vanessa is also into music. And this is where things get interesting.

When I first met this medical student (talk about brains), she mentions she is into a medical career. But maybe after this short stint on with us on her 1st acting job, she is now considering to go into the media industry.

quachee, vanessa hee
And the thing is - it may not be just acting alone. She after all, has performed in gigs & also compose her own music! Now who would have thought that heh? But if given a chance, go listen to her compositions - it's quite amazing! (Vanessa, if ur reading this, where can the readers listen to your songs?).

So, model now actor, and next musician... guys, take note. She might just be the next big thing from Singapore (& Asia!).

*Btw, do u know - as much as we think she is the demure lady-like girl-next-door, she says she's not...! Haha.

*Vanessa blogs too! http://xraxsielx.blogspot.com/


  1. wow personally love the first picture of her =p if i had the chance... i also wanna go to the media & entertainment industry once... n_<

  2. Ouh...so you have influenced her to move into creative media lar? :p

  3. The first picture looks nice. She's sweet and pretty. But others somehow look scary for me. Perhaps, she's not my cup of tea :p .

  4. I love all her pictures. She's perfect!!!!



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