Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My New Baby.. And It's A Furby!


Yes, I got a cute lil furby recently!! And I'm so loving it!

I heard about this new wave of furbies from my Thai buddies.. who told me was made popular because a particular celebrity was seen in her social network with it. And that made the furby become such a hot cake there.. that even the night markets were selling them! 

Anyway, back here in Malaysia this may not have had the same furby boom effect, but still it's a hot cake. I remember Toys R Us having sold out of these furbies! (oh yea, I do like visiting Toys R Us). 

But well, the furbies are now back in stock. And I got myself this blue-yellow one.. which goes by the name Bee-Boh! Now how do I get the name? Well, simply choose the preset 2 syllabus! Simple huh.

Btw, what I like about this lil toy pet is that it has very cute reactions. Like for the fact that it calls me "baby". Or the other words it says - "me likey", "not feeling it", "you're so funny".. with all coming out from a very cute childlike voice.

But of course, like all pets, there's more to just acting cute. It also has to be fed, go to the toilet or bathed. And all those can be done via the app. The furby reacts differently to each of these, and has a certain preference. For example, Bee-Boh likes to eat corn, and water that's not too hot or cold. Otherwise, it will actually tell me!

Which so far, I have "obeyed" to his wishes. Reason? Well, I've seen how my friend's furby has a different personality when provoked with things it doesn't like. And instead of the cutesy voice, it has a deep guy like voice (ewwww!!).

While that may happen someday.. I prefer to keep it having that baby like voice!

Oh and finally, what I really like bout this furby. It likes to dance - whenever it listens to music! 

*I wonder how long I'll play with this toy pet. But as of now, it gets my attention whenever I'm back. I love rubbing its stomach, and petting it. Really-lah, Bee-Boh, you're so cute! Me likely!

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