Tuesday, December 18, 2012

KL Christmas (Malls Decorations)

I have always wanted to capture the decorations in the malls in KL for the Christmas season, but never really gotten down to it.

However, this year - I made the effort to do so! It ain't no easy task visiting the many malls in the city.. but with a lil planning (like planning my meetings at these malls), have made me cover quite a fair bit!

Here are the photos that I've taken, along with my comments on the decorations.

1. Bangsar Shopping Centre
There's really nothing much to shout about the decorations in this mall (as mentioned on my previous post).

But what they lack in decorations are made up (pretty a lot) with the stuff that are sold in the concourse near the supermarket.

I found some pretty unique items here - and would probably come back just to get some Christmas goodies - for they are really special and unique.

2. Paradigm Mall

This is also one of the rather plainly decorated malls.. no, it's not that there aren't any Christmas trees around..

It's just that the whole mall don't feel that Christmas-ty as compared to its peers. But saying that, they make up for having those bazaar like stalls occupying the pathways.

And one or 2 of these shops actually caught my attention - selling cool pop up Christmas cards and this white white teddy bear!

3. Empire Shopping Gallery

I've never associated this mall with Cheistmas much.. in fact for any festive season despite it being a rather boutique like mall.. similar to that of Bangsar.

But well they made a good effort constructing a tall Santa Claus! Now why isn't the Santa fat.. but thin instead?


I've read other posts from bloggers about KLCC's decorations - where they don't expect much from this mall.. despite the fact that it's one of KL's premier malls.

Well, they might be feeling the heat this year, or they might have been finally waking up and living their status.. for their toy fantasy decorations in the concourse is commendable.

Now tourists can know that KL do celebrate Christmas - and in a big way too!

5. Mid Valley Megamall

One of KL's most liked malls (by the locals), is always creative when it comes to the festive season.

Well, saying that.. and having seen some really good decorations from them before, I must admit that I am a lil tad disappointed with their Christmas decorations this year.

I somehow can't fully connect to their decorations.. okay maybe I like something more cheerful and bright.

However I must add, as I have had the opportunity to go back to the mall again, seeing the decorations second time round didn't feel that bad.

6. Gardens

White is nice. That's Christmas right? Well yes, if it's done.. right.

But sorry to say that the Gardens decorations don't quite live up to its expectations - as a "high class" mall.. Not this Christmas.

7. Sungai Wang Plaza

What? This mall also put in the effort for Christmas? I mean, I know that they are more Chinese festive skewed.. and so am pleasantly surprised with their concourse Christmas deco.

Pretty well done!

8. IPC (formerly known as Ikano)

I've seen this mall beautiful decorations before for one of their festive seasons.

But their Christmas decorations this year don't quite sync with me. Probably like Midvalley, I prefer something more fantasy like..

9. Curve

This mall usually never fails to deliver, and so it is again this Christmas season.

Their decorations have enough fantasy and colours, glitter and all for this holiday season!

10. Sunway Pyramid

I have not visited the outside road which is usually beautifully decorated. But I managed to visit the inside of the mall.

Well, I probably may have seen a tad too many malls this season to go wow over Sunway's.

That's a pity for this is only one of the few malls that actually put an effort not just inside but outside their mall too.

11. 1 Utama

Surprise, surprise! For 1 Utama has really very nice decorations this Christmas. Like, really very nice!

I love their theme of big toys and presents.. which are well put not just at the concourse but at a few other corner locations of the mall too.

The mall's decorations hit all the right spots.. bright and colourful. Definitely a hit with kids.. and those who have the kid in them!!

Btw I also like the mall for at the concourse, they actually have invited outside shops to come in. That provided a nice variety!

Personally, I love 1Utama's Christmas decorations much.. and I think they are pretty close for the top spot to having the best decorations this year!!

But.. that spot to me goes to...

12. Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Talk about fantasy. Fairytales. Glitz. Glam. It's all here in Pavillion!

The whole concourse is transformed to just enchant the shoppers. Santa Sleigh, the red carpets and that glittering middle structure.. simply puts this mall as the nicest Christmas decorations of all!

Locals will be proud, and tourists will love it too!

How about you? Which mall decorations do you love most?

*I've not reviewed Berjaya Times Square or Bangsar Village. Ah, KL sure has too many malls!! ;)


  1. Wonderfully crisp and always interesting!

  2. My office is 5 minutes from Pavilion, never found the time to drop by for the Christmas Deco this year ! Maybe tomorrow lunch time after my lecture. Thanks for reminding !


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