Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Acne - Me No Like!

Acne. Owh how many of us hate it right?

Though I do not have serious acne problems, but the days when an acne pops up.. that can be rather irritating.Even if its just 1 lil acne.

And that's how I felt just the other day. It's like we are all dressed up for work, with all our hair and all neat but then that spot kinda ruins it. Especially so if our work involves meeting people!

For then, that may just draw attention to the wrong place!

But well, I'm lucky in that sense that it's only 1 spot.. which went away in just 3 days or so.

Being acne free do boost my confidence - with or without realising it ;)

However, I would like to share my friend's experience with acne. She is Caroline, an online blogger friend.

And she used to have a bad acne issue before. This is the interview with her.

1. What acne problem have u faced before?

I had acne problems when I was 20 years old. I used to have clear and spotless skin before but pimples suddenly popped up everywhere on my face.

2. How did u feel when u have that issue? Did it affect yr life? If yes, how.

I was worried and quite sad at that time.. being a "silly girl" at that time, I thought that by applying makeup, I would be able to cover it and it will get better.

My face condition just got worse with all those makeup. Worse still, I did not use makeup remover or cleansing milk to clean my face but just a cleanser.

The skin pores clogged up and that worsen the condition.

I was quite depressed till the point that I did not wish to go out from home and mum was quite worried, she ended up persuading me to go for treatment. ( I used to hate facial treatment for the long hours and extraction part! :p )

Eventually, I learn to use and apply skincare according to my skin type and am relieved that slowly, my skin condition just got better and better! =D

3. Now that the issue is gone, how do you feel?

I feel so nice and great without them! Of course, I just can't avoid certain periods of the month whereby pimples popped out like nobody's business (happens during my period time). But once it is over, pimples are gone too!

The Caroline today, brimming with confidence with pimple-less skin ;)
I'm not sure how many of you can relate to Caroline's acne issues? I'm sure some have had the same bad experience before, while some maybe facing that issue now.

Honestly, it does feel bad for those with such issues - as it surely can lower one's morale.

But fret not, in my coming post on this series, I'll share tips to solve the acne issues! :)

*I'm one of the participating bloggers for Papulex's Lead The Way - Bloggers Challenge where our tasks is to share about acne related articles. This is a competition amongst us bloggers, so if you like my sharing here, please vote for me :)


  1. Thanks for your wonderful information on acne, looking forward for more such interesting articles on your blog :)

  2. As long as your a good person then acne wouldnt make me not like you, so if she does then let her go cuz she wouldnt be worth it. Plus, be confident and happy it will make you look 100 %

    i have acne and i asked my friend also.

  3. Acne is a common cosmetic condition where the skin develops areas with red color, blackheads, pimples and zits.I am affected acne. I am try to solve my acne problem in your post. Your post very helpful for me. Thanks


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