Friday, December 07, 2012

My Christmas Shopping At Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC)

I've mentioned in my previous post on me going round the malls in Kay El to shoot the Christmas deco.

Well, I recently also ended up at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). Now, this mall is never known for its extensive decorations.

In fact, I've heard comments on it being rather plain and some say boring.. as "every year is the same old thing".

I guess I have to agree that the Christmas deco here really have nothing much to shout about.

But still, the mood here is merry. I love the concourse - the one that is near the supermart.. For the whole area turns into a Christmas theme, with really cool stuff to see and buy!

There's the dessert like nut cakes which were yummy.. and while it's a lil on the pricier range, but it's really delicious! You can guess - I just have had to buy a few of them!

The other one that I like is the Christmas gift set.. that looks like a mini Christmas tree. Owh and it's quite well stuffed too! Wrapped chocolates, nuts and a bottle of colourful chocolates (comes in 1 colour per bottle) are in it.

Well that too went into my shopping cart.. Like I said, it's yummy and the 'tree' makes it one nice decoration!

There are other nice stuffs too in that area which are eye candy.. Eg. the Santa cakes.

Even the gingerbread man, and the other sweet & cute stuff, of which are all nicely displayed. I btw bought that super cute smiling gingerbreadman though I've yet to eat it yet!

I'm sure that this is not the only place that sells such stuff. But the whole theme, the arrangement and the products on display sets the mood just right.

Honestly, I don't mind coming back to buy some Christmas goodies for families, friends and (nice) clients.. like that tree set, and enjoy the whole Christmas mood again! ;)

And probably next year too - even though I'm already predicting similar declarations!! :)

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