Monday, September 21, 2009

The BIG Bibik & The Little Nyonyas: Episode 3

In traditional boot camp fashion, the girls are learning cooking from the bottom up, beginning with cleaning the kitchen.

Then Bibik announces that they are going to the market. The girls however, see it as a shopping opportunity. Bibik educates them on the basic ingredients of Peranakan cooking. Vanessa is taught how to choose blue ginger. Will she understand Bibik’s explaination?

The next episode will be up on 29.09.09


  1. Well....going to pasar huh? LOL :D Suddenly you appeared and just right "juicy"? :p

  2. hehhehehe just right is you hehehhe, still very cute video, cant wait to see the following episodes:)

  3. quachee what brand and model of your camera? very beautiful :)

    congrats for winning the best skin too! :)

  4. Gee! How could I have missed this episode!

    Nice...Just Right & Juicy. hehe...


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