Monday, October 13, 2008

Wonder Girls Nobody

Girl groups seems to always have a good start. And this all Korean girl group, Wonder Girls, dressed in the 60s is no different.

One of their newest single, Nobody, is making waves (yes, big time) throughout Korea and I believe in Asia & maybe some ripple in the USA too.

This mv/ music video of theirs is quite eye catching combining the old fashion style with a rather catchy melody, plus some dance moves. And there is a rather hilarious storyline to it as well.

If previously, the Wonder Girls are more known locally in Korea, but I'm sure this song will make them reach beyond, and maybe take the world by quite a storm.

One more thumbs up for K-pop!


  1. quachee,
    I have to agree with you that girls group always have good start. It's always the case. haha!:P

  2. whether the girls r pretty matters the most.. then only go to other aspects.

  3. that is one catchy song!

  4. Even girl groups have it tough. So much competition.

  5. So it's girl power all over again like The Spice Girls? : )

    Btw, what happened to your Entrecard widget? You didn't pull it out, did you?

  6. @kok
    yes, but they usually dont last long ha. wonder why :)

    ya, in this world, everything is going in such a direction.

    im just wondering, say, if a co do an advert, using not the usual pretty faces, and good bodied people, how would people perceive them?

    @adila & 女兵
    been listening to it for so many days now haha

    ya agree, no one has it easy. but those successful ones, they are in with a bang usually :)

    haha, looks like it!

    on the entrecard, ya, took it off :)


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