Saturday, October 25, 2008

Learning Is Scary

The past few weeks, I've been doing lots of research for our new project. There seems to be a fair bit of info finding this time round prior to the project.

'Thrown Into A Pool'
This approach is a little bit different from my previous works. First, take the 'dream book', Batik Inspirations - where I had near zero knowledge in publishing and marketing a book, but yet going straight into the game.

Till today, I believe if I had researched on the ASEAN book industry prior to the 1st project, I may not even have had published any book - seriously. Book industry players will most likely agree 101% to that!

More Learning
Then came the second project - the 50+1 Malaysia book. Though it still falls in the book category, but actually there were new things to learn. And again, much of the learning came while actually doing it, and not prior to it.

The reason is mainly because there were not much past similar works that I could research on for methodology and even concept.

Still Learning - But More Info Prior
And now comes my 3rd project, which is not with regards to the book industry at all. But instead, it has to do with productions.

But unlike the previous 2 works, this time round, I'm doing my research on the industry - from methodology to marketing, much prior before the actual productions.

Mind Blowing
And this weekend, I'm actually in a short course to learn about this whole new industry. And after the first day, my mind goes 'Wow, this sounds scary'. (this is the same thing I think would have happened to me if I asked about the book industry prior).

It's a whole new ball game for me, and so there's so much to learn (again it starts with near zero knowledge). Add that with the tons of things to research on.

Honestly, I didn't know it's that difficult. Already, the knowledge is scary, what more the actual work huh?

But like many entrepreneurs, I guess, it's an approach I have to take to see this long time dream fulfilled... and it's something I wouldn't want to say no to, no matter how
'scary' it is.

So, these few days, there will be much learning and conceptualising. And you'll be tuned to the updates very soon.

*Though I still think that knowledge about any industry we are venturing is important, but an entrepreneur should not be bounded just by industry past practices and standards. I've heard that sometimes CEOs from different industries are hired for the same reason - to not be bounded but to think of new ideas, and raise the bar.


  1. Hmmm... where's the scary part? It actually sounds kinda fun :)

  2. @yeinjee
    lol. glad you saw it that way... it is fun, i must say (especially if we are doing what we like), but really, if one is to take the marketing aspects and budgeting aspects into the picture, things can get really very scary indeed :)

  3. quachee,
    Nothing is easy in the very first place. When you were just starting to read, ABC sounds difficult eh? But after you've learnt it, ABC? Easier than eating!:D

  4. Keep at it! U're doing great! Even published ur own books, starting from scratch and not depending on the existing publishers. A lot of cut-throats and vampires out there! Good luck in all that you do, chum!

  5. Nothing worth venturing into is easy. So keep it up, keep learning and share your experiences with us. Anyway, your blog aims to inspire, right? Inspire me! Good luck and have fun while you are it! : )

  6. As long as it works everything goes. CANI - Continuous and Neverending Improvement is the attitude towards excellence. When we stop learning we stop growing.


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